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Tennessee Military Forts

Alphabetical list of forts, reservations, blockhouses, named camps, National and State Homes for soldiers, national cemeteries, etc., in the United States from its earliest settlement to date.

Many of the forts and structures named were erected by the early settlers for their own protection, and all vestige of them has now disappeared. The exact locations of many are not positively known at the present day, but reference is made to them in State histories, State papers, etc. Those in bold-faced type are now occupied by troops or are under the control of the War Department.(does not apply) The data available for consultation are known to be incomplete, and may be erroneous in some instances.

Adams General Hospital, Tennessee, At Memphis.
Ammen, Fort, Tennessee, at Loudon.
Armistead, Fort, Tennessee in Monroe County.
Ash Barracks, Tennessee at Nashville.
Assumption, Fort, Tennessee, At Memphis.
Asylum General Hospital, Tennessee, at Knoxville.

Balls Landing Battery, Tennessee, on Cumberland River.
Beauregard, Fort, Tennessee.
Bledsoe's Fort, Tennessee near Gallatin.
Boone, Camp, Tennessee at Clarksville.
Bradley, Camp, Tennessee at Murfreesboro.
Bragg, Fort, Tennessee near Chattanooga.
Brannon, Redoubt, Tennessee on Stone River.
Breckinridge, Camp, Tennessee near the Kentucky line.
Brough, Camp, Tennessee at Nashville.
Bruce, Fort, Tennessee at Clarksville.
Buckner, Fort, Tennessee at Chattanooga.
Bushnell, Battery, Tennessee at Chattanooga.
Byington, Fort, Tennessee at Knoxville.

Calvert, Camp, Tennessee, in London County.
Cameron, Fort, Tennessee, at Chattanooga.
Campbell, Camp, Tennessee, at Nashville.
Carpenter, Redoubt, Tennessee at Chattanooga.
Casino, Fort, Tennessee at Nashville.
Cass, Fort, Tennessee in Cass County.
Chatham, Camp, Tennessee in Robertson County.
Chattanooga National Cemetery, Tennessee at Chattanooga.
Chickasaw Bluff, fort at, Tennessee at Memphis.
Claud, Fort, Tennessee at Nashville.
Clifton Lee, Battery, Tennessee at Knoxville.
Cloak, Camp, Tennessee near Fort Henry.
Comstock, Fort, Tennessee at Knoxville.
Confiscation, Fort, Tennessee at Nashville.
Coolidge, Battery, Tennessee at Chattanooga.
Craig, Fort, Tennessee.
Creighton, Fort, Tennessee at Chattanooga.
Crutchfield, Redoubt, Tennessee at Chattanooga.
Cumberland General Hospital, Tennessee at Nashville.

Davis, Fort, Tennessee at Loudon.
Decherd, Camp, Tennessee near Decherd.
De Hart, Fort, Tennessee at Loudon.
Des Ecores, Fort, Tennessee at Memphis.
Dickerson, Fort, Tennessee Defense of Knoxville.
Donelson, Fort, Tennessee near Dover, on Cumberland River.
Donelson, Fort, National Cemetery, Tennessee at Dover.
Drake, Camp, Tennessee near Murfreesboro.

Echore Margot, Fort, Tennessee at Memphis.
Erwin, Battery, Tennessee at Chattanooga.

Fearns Battery, Tennessee at Knoxville.
Fernandino de Barrancas, Fort, Tennessee at Memphis.
Five, Number, Fort, Tennessee near Island No. 10.
Four, Number, Fort, Tennessee near Island No. 10.

Galpin, Battery, Tennessee near Knoxville.
Garesche, Camp, Tennessee at Murfreesboro.
Gasper's Fort, Tennessee.
Gavock, Fort, Tennessee Fort Donelson; also called Fort McGavock.
Gayoso General Hospital, Tennessee at Memphis.
Gillem, Fort, Tennessee at Nashville.
Gillespie, Fort, Tennessee on Holston River.
Greenfield, Fort, Tennessee.
Grierson, Camp, Tennessee at Memphis.

Hamilton, Camp, Tennessee at Columbia.
Hampton, Fort, Tennessee on Tennessee River, near the Muscle Shoals.
Harris, Fort, Tennessee 7 miles above Memphis.
Hatton, Camp, Tennessee at Blains Crossroads.
Henry, Fort, Tennessee Stewart County, between Cumberland and Tennessee Rivers; now town of that name.
Henry, Fort, Tennessee South Branch of Holston River.
Hiawassee, Fort, Tennessee on Tennessee River; same as Hiwassee.
Highwassee, Fort, Tennessee on Tennessee River; same as Hiwassee.
Higley, Fort, Tennessee at Knoxville.
Hill, Fort, Tennessee at Knoxville.
Hindman, Fort, Tennessee at Chattanooga.
Hiwassee, Fort, Tennessee near junction of the Hiwassee and Tennessee rivers.
Holmarks Station, fort at, Tennessee on Bull Run.
Holston General Hospital, Tennessee at Knoxville.
Holston, Fort, Tennessee on Holston River.
Houston, Fort, Tennessee at Nashville.
Humboldt, barracks at, Tennessee Swayne Barracks.
Hunter, Fort, Tennessee at Cumberland Gap.
Huntington Smith, Fort, Tennessee near Knoxville.

Jackson General Hospital, Tennessee at Memphis.
Jefferson Street Battery, Tennessee at Memphis.
Johnson, Andy, Camp, Tennessee at Nashville.
Jones, Reboubt, Tennessee at Chattanooga.
Jones, Fort, Tennessee at Johnsonville.

King, Fort, Tennessee near Chattanooga.
Knoxville National Cemetery, Tennessee at Knoxville.

Lee, Fort, Tennessee near Gap Creek.
Long Island, Fort, Tennessee on Holston River.
Lookout, Camp, Tennessee in East Tennessee.
Lookout Mountain, forts on, Tennessee.
London, Fort, Tennessee on Tennessee River.
Lytle, Fort, Tennessee at Chattanooga.

McAloon, Battery, Tennessee near Chattanooga.
McAloon, Battery, Tennessee near Chattanooga.
McCloud, Camp, Tennessee near Mitchellsville.
McCook, Fort, Tennessee near Battle Creek.
McGinnis, Camp, Tennessee in Fentress County.
Mallory, Fort, Tennessee at Cumberland Gap.
Memphis National Cemetery, Tennessee at Memphis.
Memphis, fort at, Tennessee Fort Pickering.
Michalotzky, Fort, Tennessee Defense of Chattanooga.
Mills, Camp, Tennessee near Paris.
Mitchell, Camp, Tennessee at Nashville.
Moccasin Point, fort at, Tennessee on Tennessee River.
Morton, Fort, Tennessee at Nashville.

Nash, Fort, Tennessee at the head of Nortons Creek, northeast of Shelbyville.
Nashborough, Fort, Tennessee now Nashville.
Nashville National Cemetery, Tennessee at Nashville.
Negley, Fort, Tennessee at Chattanooga.
Negley, Fort, Tennessee at Nashville.
Noble, Battery, Tennessee near Knoxville.
Normandy, blockhouse at, Tennessee on Chattanooga and Nashville Railroad.

Old Gate General Hospital, Tennessee at Memphis.
Old State General Hospital, Tennessee at Memphis.
O'Meary, Lunette, Tennessee at Chattanooga.
Overalls Creek, blockhouse on, Tennessee. Near Murfreesboro.
Overton General Hospital, Tennessee at Memphis.
Overton Hill, fortifications on, Tennessee 5 miles south of Nashville.

Palmer, Lunette, Tennessee at Chattanooga.
Patrick Henry, Fort, Tennessee on Holston River.
Phelps, Fort, Tennessee near Missionary Ridge.
Pickering, Fort, Tennessee at Memphis.
Pillow, Fort, Tennessee Mississippi River, 40 miles above Memphis.
Pitt's Fort, Tennessee at Cumberland.
Pittsburg Landing, national cemetery at, Tennessee, Shiloh National Cemetery.
Poland, Camp, Tennessee at Knoxville.
Polk, Camp, Tennessee on Island No. 10.
Prudhomme, Fort, Tennessee near Memphis.
Putnam Redoubt, Tennessee at Chattanooga.

Randolph, Fort, Tennessee at Randolph.
Redan, Fort, Tennessee Above Island No. 10.
Riley, Fort, Tennessee near Nashville.
Rosecrans, Fort, Tennessee at Murfreesboro.
Ross, Fort, Tennessee on Tennessee River.
Russell, Fort, Tennessee at Loudon.

St. Fernando, Fort, Tennessee about 3 miles from Memphis.
Sallie Olden, Camp, Tennessee near Triune.
Sanders, Fort, Tennessee near Knoxville.
Schafer, Camp, Tennessee near Murfreesboro.
Sherman General Hospital, Tennessee at Nashville.
Sherman, Fort, Tennessee at Chattanooga.
Shiloh National Cemetery, Tennessee at Pittsburg Landing.
Sill, Camp, Tennessee near Murfreesboro.
Smith, Huntington, Fort, Tennessee at Knoxville.
Stanley, Fort, Tennessee at Knoxville.
Stanley, Camp, Tennessee at Murfreesboro.
State Corner, Fort, Tennessee at Cumberland Gap.
Steadman, Battery, Tennessee at Knoxville.
Stearman, Fort, Tennessee a defense of Knoxville.
Stevenson Redoubt, Tennessee near Chattanooga.
Stone River National Cemetery, Tennessee at Murfreesboro.
Swain, Camp, Tennessee At Humboldt.

Taft, Battery, Tennessee Jackson County. A defense of Chattanooga.
Taylor, Bob, Camp, Tennessee at Knoxville.
Tellico Blockhouse, Tennessee North bank of Tennessee River, opposite old Fort London.
Thomas, Camp, Tennessee at Chattanooga.
Turchin, Camp, Tennessee at Murfreesboro.

Washington General Hospital, Tennessee at Memphis.
Watauga, Fort, Tennessee at Elizabethtown.
Webster General Hospital, Tennessee at Memphis.
White's Fort, Tennessee at Knoxville.
Wilder, Camp, Tennessee at Knoxville.
Wiltsee, Battery, Tennessee at Knoxville.
Wood, Fort, Tennessee near Chattanooga.
Worth, Camp, Tennessee in Cherokee County.
Wright, Fort, Tennessee on Mississippi River, near Fort Pillow.

Zoellner, Battery, Tennessee at Knoxville.
Zollicoffer, Camp, Tennessee 3 miles south of Livingston.
Zollicoffer, Fort, Tennessee 5 miles below Nashville.


Military Forts

Source: Historical Register and Dictionary of the United States Army, Volume 2, by Francis B. Heitman, Government Printing Office, 1903.

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