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Commanders and their Vessels

Below is given a list of our successful commanders and the vessels they sailed. Most of them sailed the same vessels in different years, but to save repetition I have used the name of the vessel only once, giving the preference to the owner. Vessels owned wholly or in part in this town are in italics:

Capt. George Barbour, schrs John Nye and Queen of the West.
Capt. B. J. Staples, schrs Golden Rule.
Capt. E. M. Staples, schrs Cherokee, Andrew W. Dodd and Petrel.
Capt. John S. Staples, schrs Joseph Story, Annie E. Friend, Eliza R., John Somes, Vesta, Laura Belle and James Dyer.
Capt. W. Leslie Joyce, schrs Lillian M. Warren and Rambler.
Capt. Charles Staples, schrs Corporal Trim and Miantunomoh.
Capt. Edwin Joyce, schrs Eliza K. Parkhurst, Henry L. Phillips, William H. Oakes, A. T. Giffard, Moro Castle and W. R. Crittenden.
Capt. William S. Joyce, schrs Esperanza and William D. Daisley.
Capt. Emery E. Joyce, schrs Highland Queen, Robert Pettis, Sir Knight, and F. H. Smith.
Capt. Andrew C. Smith, schrs Warren J. Crosby, Richard Lester, Annie M. Nash, Mayor Jones, George F. Keene and Henry Morganthan.
Capt. Alvah Barbour, schrs William H. Cross and Emma, also passenger steamers Mayfield, Florence and Vinalhaven.
Capt. Hanson B. Joyce, schrs G. W. Reed, Lizzie Williams, Alice, Willie F. Joyce, Solitaire and steamer Novelty.
Capt. Michael Stinson, schrs Lucy J. Warren, Charlotta Augusta, Franklin Pierce, Thomas Hunt, Amelia Cobb and Lizzie Poor.
Capt. William P. Herrick, schrs Pioneer, Amos Cutter, Rebecca S. Atwood, Cayenne, Augusta E. Herrick, and Effie T. Kempt.
Capt. Charles E. Sprague, schrs Vanelia, G. W. Bentley, Benjamin S. Wright, Charles Kelley, Annie Freeman, Georgie Willard and Hannah Stone.
Capt. Frank Sprague, schrs C. D. Oliver, Aeronaut and Isaac Chapman.
Capt. Leroy Smith, schrs Winnie Webster, Old Chad, Lucy W. Dyer, George W. Brown, and Fairy Frost.
Capt. John C. Kent, schrs Sparkling Billow and Mary Amanda.
Capt. Daniel McKay, schrs Vanelia and Robert D. Rhodes.
Capt. James McKay, schrs Ellen Lincoln, Maud D. Witherell and Ellen F. Dority.
Capt. Edmond F. Bridges, schr Glad Tidings.
Capt. Reuben Stewart, schr D. D. Gyer.
Capt. William Stewart, schr Belle Haskell.
Capt. Llewellyn V. Joyce, schrs M. M. Chase and Lady Elgin.
Capt. Freeman Kent, schrs Nellie Woodbury, J. S. Glover and Hattie Western.
Capt. Herbert Holbrook, schrs Maggie Powers.
Capt. Augustine Holbrook, schr D. B. Webb.
Capt. Oliver Lane, schrs Alice M. Gould, Webster and Lalla Rookh.
Capt. John A. Gott, schrs Olive G. Tower, Isaac Rich and Daniel Simmons.
Capt. Emery K. Gott, schrs Maggie Willard, Abbie M. Deering and George Gilmore.
Capt. Horace E. Stanley, schrs M. E. Torrey and Flying Cloud.
Capt. Hosea Kent, schr Parenthia Davis.
Capt. John Conary, schr John M. Plummer.
Capt. Leander Sprague, schrs A. E. Horton and John Pew.
Capt. Frank Gott, schr Ethel Merritt.
Capt. Hardy Stinson, schr J. G. Craige.
Capt. Reuben Joyce, schrs J. F. Chase and Alaska.
Capt. Roland Stewart, schr George Washington.
Capt. Fred Kent, schr Merrimac.
Capt. Otis Stewart, schr Bona Venture.
Capt. Willard Staples, schr Star of the East.

Making in all one hundred and twelve different seiners, of which thirty-four were owned here.

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Source: A History of Swan's Island, Maine, by H.W. Small, MD, Ellsworth Me, Hancock County Publishing Company, Printers, 1808



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