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Preface ~ First History of Bayonne, New Jersey

City Seal
Bayonne City Seal

Bayonne is approaching the 250th anniversary of its settlement. It seems appropriate, therefore, that a history of the place be published at this time; not only to commemorate the anniversary, but also because such a history has never before been written or published, and it is well to have collected in some substantial form the historical records of the locality for preservation in our homes and libraries, and to serve as a reference and reminder of the days gone by.

The author, with this in mind, undertook the task some time ago of preparing a history of Bayonne. After spending considerable time in difficult research, consulting numerous histories, archives, genealogies, ordinances, reports, maps, documents, files of old newspapers, and in interviewing and corresponding with old inhabitants and past and present city officials this book is the result.

The writer feels justified in saying that he has always sought the most reliable sources of information, striving to give as accurate, concise and interesting an account of the past as possible.

Although much labor has been spent sifting statements in search for any inaccuracies, it is to be hoped that errors, if any, are very few.

The task, while agreeable, has been no light or superficial one, and the author is very grateful to all persons who have assisted him in the work. He feels especially indebted to the following named:

Thomas Brady, Mayor; George Carragan, President of Bayonne Bank; Mr.1 and Mrs. Nicholus Van Buskirk; William C. Farr, ex-Mayor; Rev. Mitchell Bronk, Ph.D.; Frederic Chamberlain, Board of Education; Mabel E. Smith; William Nelson, Secretary New Jersey Historical Society; Emmett Smith, City Surveyor; Edwin H. Alexander; William Dexter; Rev. F. W. Jones; Principal E. C. Earl; George W. Yates, Sr.; Edmund Stinson, Councilman; Nicholus Cubberly; John F. Lee,1 ex-President Board of Education; H. T. Hewitt, Secretary Board of Education; C. J. Rooney, Clerk of County Board of Health and Vital Statistics; Egbert Seymour, ex-Mayor; H. G. Saltzman; Joseph Brady, City Treasurer; C. L. Robinson, Collector of Revenue; Cornelius Van Horn.

That this volume may enlighten and interest the reader, and be the means of developing and reviving that honest civic pride which is essential to the best citizenship is the sincere wish of…..
R. P. W.

Number Twenty-four East Thirty-seventh Street, October, 1904.

1. Recently deceased.



Source: First History of Bayonne, New Jersey, by Royden Page Whitcomb, Published by R. P. Whitcomb, 24 East 37TH Street, Bayonne, N. J., 1904.


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