US Place Names ~ Lucerne, California to Lysander, New York

Lucerne; town in Kern County, California, so named from the luxurious growths of alfalfa (lucerne) in the district.

Lucerne; town in Columbiana County, Ohio;

Lucerneville; village in Knox County, Ohio. Named from the lake in Switzerland.

Ludingrton; city in Mason County, Michigan, named for James Ludington, of Milwaukee.

Ludlow; township and village in Champaign County, Illinois, named for Thomas W. Ludlow, a railroad incorporator.

Ludlow; town in Kenton County, Kentucky, named for Israel Ludlow, a prominent pioneer.

Ludlow; town in Hampden County, Massachusetts, named from the town in Shropshire, England.

Lugenberl; county in South Dakota, named for Major Lugenberl, of the regular army, who was stationed at Fort Randall in territorial days.

Luling; town in Caldwell County, Texas, named for Charles Luling, of Boston, Massachusetts.

Lumberton; town in Pearl River County, Mississippi, so named on account of its principal industry.

Lumpkin; county, and town in Stewart County, in Georgia, named for Wilson Lumpkin, an early governor.

Luna; county in New Mexico, named for a prominent resident family.

Lunenburg; towns in Worcester County, Massachusetts, and Essex County, Vermont, named for the Duke of Luneburg, George II of England.

Lunenburg; county in Virginia, named for the royal family. The Anglicized form of Luneburg, one of the titles of George I, as Duke of Bunswick-Luneburg.

Luray; town in Page County, Virginia, a corruption of la reine.

Lutesville; village in Bollinger County, Missouri, named for its founder, Eli Lutes.

Luther; village in Lake County, Michigan, named for William A. Luther, an early settler.

Luthersburg; village in Clearfield County, Pennsylvania, named for W. H. Luther, an old resident.

Luverne; township and village in Rock County, Minnesota, named for the daughter of one of the proprietors of the town site.

Luzerne; county, and borough in same county, in Pennsylvania, named for Chevalier della Luzerne, former minister from France to the United States.

Lycoming; branch of Susquehanna River, and county, and town in same county in Pennsylvania. A Delaware Indian word meaning "sandy stream."

Lyell; mountain in California, named for the English geologist. Sir Charles Lyell.

Lykens; borough in Dauphin County, Pennsylvania; a corruption of the name of the man for whom it was named, Andrew Lycan.

Lyman; town in York County, Maine, named for Theodore Lyman, of Boston.

Lyman; town in Grafton County, New Hampshire, named for Daniel Lyman, one of the early proprietors.

Lyman; county in South Dakota, named for W. P. Lyman, legislator and soldier.

Lyme; towns in New London County, Connecticut, Grafton County, New Hampshire, and Jefferson County, New York, named either directly or indirectly from the borough of Lyme-Regis, England.

Lynchburg; city in Campbell County, Virginia, named for a rich settler and officer of the Revolution.

Lynchtown; township in Oxford County, Maine, named for the owner of Lynch's mills.

Lyndeboro; town in Hillsboro County, New Hampshire, named for Benjamin Lynde, a large landowner.

Lyndon; city in Osage County, Kansas, named from the town in Caledonia County, Vermont.

Lyndon; town in Caledonia County; Lyndon Center; village in Caledonia County;

Lyndonville; village in Caledonia County, Vermont. Named for Josiah Lyndon, son of an early proprietor.

Lynn; city in Essex County, Massachusetts, named for Lynn-Regis, England.

Lynn; county in Texas, named for G. W. Lynn, an early settler.

Lynnfield; town in Essex County, Massachusetts. It was originally the West Parish of Lynn and bore the name of Lynn End, and was incorporated in 1814 as Lynnfield.

Lynnville; town in Jasper County, Iowa, so named on account of the proximity of a basswood grove.

Lynxville; village in Crawford County, Wisconsin, named for the steamer Lynx, which brought the Government surveyors to the place.

Lyon; counties in Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, and Nevada, named for Gen. Nathaniel Lyon, United States Army.

Lyon; county in Kentucky, named for Col. Crittenden Lyon.

Lyons; city in Rice County, Kansas, named for Truman J. Lyon, the owner of the town site.

Lyons; village in Burt County, Nebraska, named for Waldo Lyon, an early resident,

Lyons; town in Wayne County, New York, named from the city in France.

Lyonsdale; village in Lewis County, New York, named for its first settler, Calen Lyon.

Lysander; town in Onondaga County, New York, named for the Spartan general.

US Place Names

Source: The Origin of Certain Place Names the United States, Second Edition, Henry Gannett, Washington, Government Printing Office, 1906.


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