US Place Names ~ McCool, Mississippi to McPherson, Kansas

McCool; town in Attala County, Mississippi, named for Hon. James F. McCool.

McCracken; city in Rush County, Kansas, named for William McCracken, of New York City, an official of the Missouri Pacific Railway.

McCracken; county in Kentucky, named for Capt. Virgil McCracken.

McCulloch; county in Texas, named for Benjamin McCulloch, a brigadier-general in the Confederate army.

McCune; city in Crawford County, Kansas, named for Isaac McCune, its founder.

McDonald; county in Missouri, named for Sergeant McDonald, of South Carolina.

McDonough; village in Newcastle County, Delaware, town in Henry County, Georgia, county in Illinois, and town in Chenango County, New York, named for the American naval officer of the War of 1812, Commodore Thomas McDonough.

McDowell; county in North Carolina, named for the two generals, Joseph and Charles McDowell, of Revolutionary fame.

McDowell; town in Highland County, Virginia, and county in West Virginia, said to have been named for James McDowell, former governor of Virginia.

McDuffie; county in Georgia, named for George McDuffie, an early governor of South Carolina.

McFarlan; town in Anson County, North Carolina, named for a prominent citizen.

McGrawville; village in Allegany County, New York, named in honor of a Mr. McGraw, who owned considerable property.

McGregor; city in Clayton County, Iowa, named for an early proprietor, Alexander McGregor.

McHenry; county in Illinois, named for (ten. William McHenry, a prominent officer in the Black Hawk war.

McHenry; township and village in McHenry County, Illinois, named from the county.

McHenry; fort near Baltimore, Maryland, named for James McHenry, secretary of war under Presidents Washington and Adams.

McHenry; county in North Dakota, named for Hon. James McHenry, an early pioneer.

McIlhaney; village in Monroe County, Pennsylvania, named for Thomas M. McIlhaney.

McIntosh; county in Georgia, named for the McIntosh family, members of which accompanied Oglethorpe in his first expedition into the State.

McIntosh; county in North Dakota, named for Hon. E. H. McIntosh, a member of the Territorial legislature.

McKean; county in Pennsylvania, named for Thomas McKean, an early governor, and a signer of the Declaration of Independence.

McKee; town in Jackson County, Kentucky, named for Judge George R. McKee. McKeesport; city in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, named for David McKee, who kept a ferry.

McKenzie; county in North Dakota, named for Alexander McKenzie, a State politician.

McKinley; county in New Mexico, named for President William McKinley.

McKinney; city in Collin County, Texas, named for Collin McKinney, a pioneer settler.

McLaurin; village in Perry County, Mississippi, named for General McLaurin, first president of the Gulf and Ship Island Railroad.

McLean; county in Illinois, named for John McLean, United States Senator, 1824-1830.

McLean; village in McLean County, Illinois, named from the county.

McLean; county in Kentucky, named for Judge Alney McLean.

McLean; county in North Dakota, named for Hon. John R. McLean, a prominent State politician.

McLeansboro; township and city in Hamilton County, Illinois, named for Dr. William McLean, the first settler.

McLennan; county in Texas, named for Neil McLennan.

McLeod; county in Minnesota, named for Hon. Martin McLeod, president of the State council.

McLouth; city in Jefferson County, Kansas, named for the owner of the town site.

McMechen; town in Marshall County, West Virginia, named for a former resident.

McMinnville; city in Yamhill County, Oregon, named from the town in Tennessee, the native place of an early settler.

McMinn; county in Tennessee;

McMinnville; town in Warren County, Tennessee. Named for Gen. Joseph McMinn, an early governor.

McMullen; county in Texas, named for John McMullen, a colonizer of western Texas.

McNairy; county in Tennessee, named for Judge John McNairy.

McNeils; island in Washington, named for the captain of a steamer of the Hudson Bay Company.

McPherson; county, and town in same county, in Kansas, and counties in Nebraska and South Dakota, named for Maj. Gen. James B. McPherson.

US Place Names

Source: The Origin of Certain Place Names the United States, Second Edition, Henry Gannett, Washington, Government Printing Office, 1906.


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