US Place Names ~ Quakake, Pennsylvania to Quoque, New York

Quakake; stream in Carbon County, Pennsylvania. An Indian word meaning ''pine lands.''

Quantico; town in Wicomico County, Maryland. An Indian word possibly meaning ''dancing,'' ''place of dancing."

Quapaw; nation in Indian Territory, named from the Indian tribe; the word means "down-stream people.''

Quasqueton; town in Buchanan County, Iowa, derived from an Indian word meaning ''rapid water."

Quebec; village in Union County, Georgia. Said by some authorities to be derived from the Indian, meaning "being shut," "narrow," or "fearful rocky cliff;" others say it is derived from the French phrase quelbee "what a beak!"

Queen Anne; county in Maryland, named for Queen Anne of England, reigning at the time of its organization.

Queen Mahon; stream in Indiana County, Pennsylvania. A corruption of the Delaware Indian word cuwei-mahoni, meaning "pine-tree lick."

Queens; county in New York, named for Catherine of Braganza, wife of Charles II, of England.

Quemahoning; stream in Somerset County, Pennsylvania. The derivation is the same as Queen Mahon.

Quenemo; village in Osage County, Kansas, named for an Ottawa Indian, who lived among the Sacs and Foxes, near Melvern.

Queponco; creek in Maryland. An Indian word meaning "ashes of pine woods."

Quiccoane; branch of the Missouri River. An Indian word meaning "running river."

Quicksilver; town in Lake County, California, named from the quicksilver mines.

Quidnic; river and pond in Rhode Island and Connecticut. An Indian word meaning "place at the end of the hill."

Quien Sabe; town in San Diego County, California. A colloquial Mexican expression meaning "who knows?"

Quillayute; river in Washington, named for the Indian tribe Kwillehiut; the river's name is also a corruption.

Quincy; city in Adams County, Illinois, and village in Branch County, Michigan, named for President John Quincy Adams.

Quincy; city in Norfolk County, Massachusetts, named for Col. John Quincy.

Quindaro; town in Wyandotte County, Kansas, named for the Indian woman, former owner of the land. An Indian word meaning "bundle of sticks."

Quinebaug; village in Windham County, Connecticut, and river in Massachusetts and Connecticut. An Indian word meaning "long pond."

Quinlan; village in Hunt County, Texas, named for G. A. Quinlan, former vice-president of the Houston and Texas Central Railroad.

Quinnesec; village in Dickinson County, Michigan. An Indian word meaning "where the river forms smoke," and given this village on account of the falls in the Menominee River at this point.

Quinnipiac; river in Connecticut. An Indian word meaning "long water pond," or, according to another authority, "the surrounding country."

Quinsigamond; lake in Worcester County, Massachusetts. An Indian word meaning "pickerel fishing place."

Quintana; town in Brazoria County, Texas, named for Andre Quintana, prominent in the early days of Texas.

Quitman; county, and town in Jackson County, in Georgia; county, and town in Clarke County, in Mississippi; and village in Nodaway County, Missouri; named for Gen. John A. Quitman, a former governor of Mississippi and an officer in the Mexican war.

Quitopahilla; branch of the Great Swatara River in Lebanon County, Pennsylvania. An Indian word meaning "spring that flows from the ground among the pines."

Quoque; village in Suffolk County, New York. A corruption of the Indian word quaquanantuck, meaning "creek flowing through a shaking marsh," describing the locality to which the name was originally applied.

US Place Names

Source: The Origin of Certain Place Names the United States, Second Edition, Henry Gannett, Washington, Government Printing Office, 1906.


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