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Lewis County Newspapers

Chronicle, established in July, 1889, by Thomas Scammons and J. E. Whinnery. Independent.

News. Rowell & Rathbun began the Naparvine Western Washington Farmer in August, 1886. On April 1, 1887, the plant was sold to A. E. Partridge and W. F. Pattison who moved it lo Centralia and began the News. On August 14, 1889, Charles Prosch wrote: "One month ago Mr. Partridge commenced the publication of the Daily News which makes a better appearance than many a first daily in the older and larger towns." (Washington Press Association Proceedings, 1887-1890, page 43.)

Sunday Independent, established on November 9, 1889, by Hull, Kerr and Julian. It lived but a few weeks.

Bee-Nugget, the combination of two pioneer journals. The Lewis County Nugget was first issued on July 14, 1883, by Tozier & Meybrick. It was not attractive. The Asotin Transcript said: "We have seen many poor papers, but never worse." J. E. Willis secured the paper, changed its politics to the Democratic column, secured the local postmastership and sold the paper to A. H. Wehner, who continued it as a Democratic organ until November, 1889, when he sold it to Owen & Morrison. In February, 1890, the paper was acquired by A. E. Partridge. The Lewis County Bee was established on June 6, 1884, by Bull & Francis, who changed it to a semi-weekly on August 1, 1884. It skipped one week and appeared again on September 12, 1884, as a weekly by W. W. Francis, with Charles Weston as editor. On August 4, 1886, W. W. Francis sold out to J. T. Forrest. (Edwin N. Fuller, in Washington Press Association Proceedings, 1887-1890, page 82.) Besides the files in the office of publication, there are series of them, especially since the successful combination of the two papers, in the University of Washington Library, in the State Library at Olympic, and the Public Library at Chehalis.

Western Washington Farmer
, established in August, 1886, by Rowell & Rathbun, and moved to Centralia on April 1, 1887. See Centralia News.


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Source: Washington Historical Quarterly, Volume 13-14, 1923

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