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Zelached Point ~ Zindel Origin Washington Geographical Names

Zelached Point, on the southwest coast of Toandos Peninsula, in the eastern part of Jefferson County, was first mapped by the Wilkes Expedition, 1841. (Hydrography, Volume XXIII, Atlas, chart 78.) .

Zillah, a town in the east central part of Yakima County, was named by Walter N. Granger in honor of Miss Zillah Oakes, daughter of T. F. Oakes, then President of the Northern Pacific Railroad Company. (Postmaster at Zillah, in Names MSS. Letter 494.)

Zindel, a former post office, two miles from Rogersburg, in the southeastern part of Asotin County, was named in honor of the pioneer, M. W. Zindal. (C. D. Brown, of Rogersburg, in Names MSS. Letter 262.)

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Source: Washington Historical Quarterly, Volume 8 - 14

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