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Letitia Christian Tyler 1790 ~ 1842


Letitia Christian Tyler

John Tyler, the tenth President of the United States, succeeded President William Henry Harrison, whose administration lasted only one month.

His first wife was Letitia Christian, daughter of Robert Christian, of Cedar Grove, Virginia. Mr. Tyler and Miss Christian were married on the 29th of March, 1813. Young Tyler was one of the most prominent rising young lawyers of the state of Virginia. Their lives were spent surrounded by everything that could contribute to their happiness and popularity.

Mrs. Tyler, to the day of her death in the executive mansion, was noted for her brilliancy of mind, liberal hospitality, wifely and motherly devotion, and was in all respects a lovely. Christian character. In the various positions occupied by Mr. Tyler, Mrs. Tyler was an able helpmeet, and was as well noted for her great beauty of person, grace of carriage, delicate refinement and exquisite taste.

During President Tyler's occupation of the White House there were many distinguished visitors, among them Charles Dickens, Washington Irving, and many others, who were charmed by Mrs. Tyler's gracious manners. Her children have been the most enthusiastic eulogists of her lovely character and motherly devotion.

She resided in the White House from April, 1841, to September 9, 1842, the date of her death, leaving behind her an imperishable impression as one of the most accomplished women who ever presided in this historic mansion.

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