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Pawtucket Falls, MA to Pennsvile, OH

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Pawtucket Falls, Mass., in Merrimac River. (See Lowell, Mass.)

Pawtuxet, r., R.I., rises by 2 principal branches, Flat r. and s. w. branch, and flowing e., receives the n. w. branch from Providence co., and enters Providence r. 5 ms. below Providence, forming, for some distance, the boundary between Providence and Kent counties. It affords great water power, and has on it many mills and manufactories, particularly of cotton.

Pawtuxet, p-v., and port of entry, Warwick., Kent co., R. I., 5 s. Providence, 405 W. Situated on both sides of Pawtuxet r., and lies partly in Cranston t. The great water power here has been abundantly improved, and its cotton and ther manufactories are extensive. It contains 2churches, 1 Baptist and 1 Congregational, a bank, an academy, 3 cotton and 2 woolen fac, several grist m., 150 dwellings, and about 1,200 inhabitants. It has a safe and convenient harbor. The parts of the v. are connected by a bridge across the r.

Paxinos, p-o., Northumberland co., Pa.

Paxton, p-t., Worcester co., Mass., 50 w. Boston, 405 W. The surface is elevated and uneven; oil, fertile, and well cultivated. Organized in 765, from Rutland and Leicester. It occupies the eight of land between Connecticut and Merrimac rivers. The v., at the centre, contains a congregational church and a few dwellings. It as 1 store, cap. $500; 1 tannery, 2 grist, m., 2 saw m. Cap. in manufac. $17,800. 7 sch. 286 scholars. Pop. 670.

Paxton, t., Ross co., O. Pop. 1,226.

Payneville, p-v., Sumter co., Ala., 78 s. w. Tuscaloosa, 896 W. Situated on the n. side of Sucarnochie cr., 30 miles above its entrance into e Tombigbee r.

Paynesville, p-o., Lysander t., Onondaga co., N. Y., 151 w. by n. Albany, 368 W.

Paynesville, p-v., Pike co., Mo., 92 n. e. Jefferson City, 880 W.

Payson, p-v., Adams co., Ill., 92 w. Springfield, 872 W.

Pea, r., Ala., is one of the principal constituent branches of Choctawhatchee r., which it enters near the s. border of the state.

Pea River, p-o., Walton co., Flor.

Pea River, p-o., Barbour co., Ala., 181 s. e. Tuscaloosa, 861 W.

Peace Dale, p-v., Washington co., R. I.

Peacham, p-t., Caledonia co., Vt., 36 e. by n. Montpelier, 538 W. The surface is gently uneven; soil, generally fertile, and well cultivated. Onion River pond, covering 300 acres, in the w. part of the t., gives rise to one of the head branch of Onion r. Two streams, which flow into Stevens' branch, afford water power. A bog meadow in the e. part contains an inexhaustible quantity of shell marl. Limestone is also found. The v. contains a Congregational church and a flourishing academy. There are in the t. 3 stores, cap. $13,000; 1 fulling m., 2 woolen fac, 2 tanneries, 1 grist m., 6 saw m. Cap. in manufac $15,750. 1 acad. 125 students, 12 sch. 548 scholars. Pop. 1,443.

Peach Bottom, p-t., York co., Pa., 26 s. e. York, 62 s. e. Harrisburg, 81 W. The surface is level; soil, gravel and slate. Drained by Fishing cr. and Neel's Hole run, branches of Muddy cr. which forms its n. boundary. The p-v. is on Susquehanna r. There are in the t. 7 stores, cap. $11,500; 2 fulling m., 1 woolen fac, 1 tannery, 1 flouring m., 5 grist m., 1 saw m. Cap. in manufac. $10,850. 3 sch. 27 scholars. Pop. 1,074.

Peach Tree, p-o., Cherokee co., N. C.

Pealer's, p-o., Columbia co., Pa., 93 n. n. e. Harrisburg, 204 W.

Pea Patch, p-o., Somerset co., N. J., 45 n. Trenton, 220 W.

Pea Patch, island. Situated in Delaware r., and contains Fort Delaware, erected during the late war, now nearly in ruins.

Pearlington, p-v., Hancock co., Miss., 191 s. by e. Jackson, 1,141 W. Situated on the e. side of Pearl r.

Pearl, r., Miss, and La., rises, by several branches, near the centre of Mississippi, and running s. it joins, by several mouths, the Rigolets, which forms a communication between lakes Pontchartrain and Borgne. From lat. 31° N., it forms the dividing line between Ala. and La. The navigation is obstructed by sand-bars, shallows, and rafts of timber. Some efforts have been made to improve it. It is navigable for small craft to Jackson, the capital of the state.

Pease, t., Belmont co., O. The surface is hilly; soil, very fertile, adapted to grain. Watered by Indian Wheeling creek, which affords water power. The national road passes through it. It has 8 sch. 248 scholars. Pop. 1,747.

Pecan Grove, p-o., Carroll par., La.

Pecan Point, p-o., Mississippi co., Ark.

Peckville, p-o., Fishkill t., Dutchess co., N. Y., 106 s. Albany, 269 W.

Pedensville, p-v., Chester dist., S. C.

Pedee, Great, r., N. C. and S. C., rises chiefly in Wilkes co., N. C, where it bears, for a great distance, the name of Yadkin r. After it enters S. C, it is called the Great Pedee r., and it flows in a southerly direction until uniting with Waccamaw r., it enters and forms Winyaw bay, a little below Georgetown, and communicates with the Atlantic 12 ms. below Georgetown. It is navigable for boats of 60 or 70 tons for 200 ms. Little Pedee r., S. C, rises in N. C, and enters Great Pedee r. 32 ms. above its mouth.

Pedee, p o., Anson co., N. C, 135 s. w. Raleigh, 409 W.

Pedlar's Hill, p-o., Chatham co., N. C, 44 w. Raleigh.

Pedricktown, p-v., Upper Penn's Creek t., Salem co., N. J., 55 s. Trenton, 166 W. Situated on Oldman's cr., and contains 1 Friends church, 2 stores, and about 30 dwellings.

Peekskill, p-v., Cortland t., Westchester co., N. Y., 46 n. New York, 106 s. Albany, 269 W. Situated on the e. side of Hudson r. It contains 8 churches, 2 Dutch Reformed, 1 Episcopal, 1 Methodist, 1 Presbyterian, and 2 Friends, 1 bank, an academy, 30 stores, 6 iron foundries, 2 tanneries, 250 dwellings, and about 2,000 inhabitants. 1 steamboat and 6 sloops ply between this place and New York for transportation, besides one steamboat daily for passengers. Other boats on the Hudson stop at the landing to receive and discharge passengers.

Peeled Oak, p-o., Bath co., Ky., 71 e. Frankfort, 525 W.

Peel Tree, p-o., Harrison co., Va.

Pee Pee, t., Pike co., O. It has 5 stores, cap. $12,840; 1 flouring m., 1 grist m., 6 saw m. Cap. in manufac. $8,500. 4 sch. 78 scholars. Pop. 919.

Pekatonica, r., Wis. and Ill., rises in Iowa co., Wis., and flows s. and e. into Rock r., in Ill., 6 ms. below its n. boundary. It receives Sugar cr., a considerable branch, from the n. It is navigable for flat-boats to Mineral Point, Wis.

Pekatonica, p-v., Winnebago co., Ill., 220 n. Springfield, 820 W. Situated at the junction of Pekatonica and Rock rivers.

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Pekin, p-o., Lewiston t., Niagara co., N. Y., 2S9 w. by n. Albany.

Pekin, p-o., Brown t., Carroll co., O., 138 s. w. Columbus, 304 W.

Pekin, p-o., Jackson co., Tenn., 67 E. by n. Nashville, 627 W.

Pekin, p-o., Washington co., Ia.

Pekin, p-v., Tazewell co., Ill., 62 n. Spring-field, 779 W. Situated on the e. side of Illinois r., 12 miles below Peoria. It contains an academy, 3 churches, 1 Presbyterian, 1 Methodist, and 1 Unitarian, 15 stores, 3 forwarding and commission houses, 1 steam flouring m., 1 steam saw m., 2 distilleries, a printing office, issuing a weekly newspaper, and about 900 inhabitants.

Pelham, p-t., Hampshire co., Mass., 81 w. Boston, 391 W. The surface is elevated and uneven; soil, productive. Watered by Swift and Fort Rivers, which afford water power. Incorporated in 1742. Originally settled from the n. of Ireland. It contains 1 Presbyterian and 1 Congregational church. It has 1 store, cap. $1,000; 1 grist m., 4 saw m. Cap. in manufac. $6,550. 7 sch. 351 scholars. Pop. 956.

Pelham, t., Hillsborough co., N. H., 37 s. by e. Concord, 32 s. w. Portsmouth. The soil, particularly on the streams, is fertile. Watered by Beaver r. Chartered in 1742. It has 2 stores, cap. $1,700; 1 fulling m., 2 grist m., 4 saw m. Cap. in manufac. $12,880. 6 sch. 268 scholars. Pop. 1,003.

Pelham, t., Westchester co., N. Y., 10 s. White Plains, 140 s. Albany. The surface is generally level; soil, clay and sandy loam, mostly well cultivated. Several islands in the East r. belong to it, which are City, Hart's, and Hunter's Islands. It has 1 sch. 40 scholars. Pop. 789.

Pelham, p-v., Hillsborough co., N. C.

Pelham, p-v., Franklin co., Tenn., 85 s. s. e. Nashville, 651 W.

Peltonville, p-o., Pultney t., Steuben co., N. Y., 208 w. by s. Albany, 321 W.

Pemaquid, p-o., Bremen t, Lincoln co., Me., 46 s. s. e. Augusta, 614 W.

Pemadumcook, lake, Penobscot co., Me., is a large body of water of a very irregular form, receiving the waters of a large number of lakes, to the n. e. of which, the largest is Chesuncook lake. Its outlet flows into Penobscot r. It has much fine land and good timber on its borders.

Pemberton, p-v., Burlington co., N. J., 22 s. Trenton, 162 W. Situated on the n. branch of Rancocus cr., and contains 1 Baptist and 1 Methodist church, 5 stores, 1 grist m., 1 saw m., 1 fulling m., 1 cotton fac, 1 cupola furnace, about 120 dwellings, and 750 inhabitants.

Pembroke, p-t., Washington co., Me., 180 e. n. e. Augusta, 766 W. Watered by a small stream proceeding from a pond in Charlotte, on the n., which flows into Cobscook bay on its s. border. The soil is tolerably fertile, adapted to grain. It has 2 stores, cap. $2,800; 1 furnace, 1 forge, 1 tannery, 1 grist m., 5 saw m. Cap. in manufac. $5,650. 8 sch. 376 scholars. Pop. 1,050.

Pembroke, p-t., Merrimac co., N. H., 5 s. e. Concord, 480 W. The surface is moderately uneven; soil, fertile, particularly on the streams. Suncook r. runs on its s. e. border, and affords water power. Merrimac r. bounds it on the w. Chartered in 1727. The v. lies on a street 3 ms. long, parallel with Merrimac r., and contains a town house and an academy. There are in the t. 5 stores, cap. $11,000; 1 glass fac, 3 grist m., 4 saw m. Cap. in manufac. $25,900. 1 acad. 295 students, 9 sch. 333 scholars. Pop. 1,336.

Pembroke, p-t., Plymouth co., Mass., 26 s. e. Boston, 445 W. Watered by North r. and its branches, which afford water power. The r. is winding and deep, and flows into Scituate harbor and on it many vessels are built. Incorporated in 1711. It has several ponds in its s. part. The v., at the centre, contains a Unitarian church and there is a Friends church in the n. pant. It has 6 stores, cap. $6,650; 1 woolen fac, 4 grist m., 10 saw m. Cap. in manufac. $15,190. 1 acad. 25 students, 8 sch. 288 scholars. Pop. 1,258.

Pembroke, p-t., Genesee co., N. Y., 262 w Albany, 387 W. The surface is generally level soil, clay and gravelly loam. Drained by Tonawanda cr. and its tributaries. It contains the v of Richviile. It has 4 stores, cap. $22,300; furnace, 8 saw m. Cap. in manufac. $21,350. 13 sch. 381 scholars. Pop. 1,970.

Pembroke, p-o., Giles co., Va., 230 w Richmond, 276 W.

Pembroke, p-v., Christian co., Ky., 197 s. w Frankfort, 721 W.

Pemigewasset, r., N. H., the principal constituent stream of the Merrimac r., rises in Franconia t. and the un-granted land in the vicinity Its principal branches unite on the n. border of Woodstock, and it retains its name until by the union of Winnipiseogee r., in Franklin t., it becomes the Merrimac r.

Pendleton, County, Va. Situated toward the n. part of the state, and contains 999 sq. ms. It is an elevated table land, between 2 ridges of the Alleghany mountains. The south branch of Potomac r. flows through it from s. w. to n. e. The surface is mountainous and rough; soil sterile. Capital, Franklin. There were in 1840, neat cattle 14,161, sheep 20,973, swine 12,777 wheat 65,725 bush, produced, rye 35,547, Indian corn 130,010, buckwheat 8,189, oats 51,lfiS, potatoes 35,645, sugar 112,151 pounds; 11 stores, cap $63,200; 1 fulling m., 1 cotton fac. 500 sp., 8 tanneries, 44 distilleries, 4 powder m., 1 pottery, flouring m., 31 grist m., 46 saw m., 1 oil m. Cap in manufac $50,698. 12 sch. 235 scholars. Pop. whites 6,445, slaves 462, free col'd 33; total 6,940.

Pendleton, County, Ky. Situated in the n. part of the state, and contains 450 sq. ms. Drained by Licking r. and its branches. Capital, Falmouth. There were in 1840, neat cattie 4,13 sheep 6,475, swine 13,108; wheat 31,175 bus produced, rye 5,673, Ind. corn 225,021, oats 31,332, potatoes 2,508, tobacco 107,573 pound; 6 stores, cap. $15,700; 2 tanneries, 2 distilleries 1 flouring m., 8 grist m., 4 saw m. Cap. in manufac. $18,925. 10 sch. 265 scholars. Pop whit 4,013, slaves 437, free col'd 5; total, 4,455.

Pendleton, p-t., Niagara co., N. Y., 7 s. w. Lockport, 284 w. by n. Albany, 406 W. The surface is undulating; soil, a fertile calcareous loam. Tonawanda cr. bounds it on the s. The v. is situated on the Erie Canal and contains stores, and about 30 dwellings. There are in the t. 3 stores, cap. $5,700; 1 saw m. Cap. in manufac. $450. 7 sch. 230 scholars. Pop. 1,098.

Pendleton, p-o., Scott co., Va., 355 w. by Richmond, 423 W.

Pendleton, p-v., Anderson dist, S. C, 136 w. n. w. Columbia, 531 W. Situated on a branch of Savannah r., 1 mile from the district line, contains 3 churches, 1 Episcopal, 1 Method, and 1 Presbyterian, 2 academies, 7 stores, and 633 inhabitants.

Pendleton, p-o., Putnam co., O., 110 n. w. Columbus, 475 W.

Pendleton, p-v., Madison co., Ia., 31 n. e. Indianapolis, 558 W. It is situated at the falls Fall cr., and contains 2 stores, 2 mills, various mechanic shops, and about 200 inhabitants.

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Penfield, p-t., Monroe co., N. Y., 8 e. Rochester, 222 w. by n. Albany, 371 W. The surface is undulating; soil, sandy and gravelly loam, with a portion of clay on the s. Drained by Irondiquoit cr. The v. is situated on Irondiquoit cr., and contains 3 churches, 1 Presbyterian, 1 Baptist, and 1 Methodist, an academy, called the Penfield Lyceum, 3 stores, 1 woolen fac, 2 flouring m., 1 carding machine, 1 fulling m., 1 saw m., 1 stave fac, 1 tannery, 100 dwellings, and about 700 inhabitants. There are in the t. 5 stores, cap. $30,550; 1 fulling m., 1 tannery, 1 flouring m., 2 grist m., 2 saw m. Cap. in manufac. $71,900; 1 acad. 170 students, 16 sch. 945 scholars. Pop. 2,842.

Penfield, p-o., Clearfield co., Pa., 141 n. w. Harrisburg, 240 W.

Penfield, p-t., Lorain co., O., 14 s. Elyria, 106 N. n. e. Columbus, 365 W. Drained by the main branch of Black r. It has 1 grist m., 1 saw m., 5 sch. 118 scholars. Pop. 405.

Penfield, p-v., Greene co., Ga., 51 n. Milledgeville, 610 W.

Penfield, p-o., Kane co., Ill., 162 n. n. e. Springfield, 771 W.

Penfield, t., Calhoun co., Mich. It has 2 sch. 64 scholars. Pop. 377.

Peninsula, p-o., Boston t., Summit co., O., 136 n. E. Columbus, 345 W. Situated on the Ohio canal, at the Cuyahoga aqueduct, 23 ms. s. of Cleveland.

Penn, t., Morgan co., O. It has 2 stores, cap. $1,800; 1 tannery, 1 saw m. Cap. in manufac. $900. 6 sch. 175 scholars. Pop. 1,119.

Penn, t., Chester co., Pa., 36 s. w. Philadelphia. The surface is level; soil, sandy loam. Drained by tributaries of Elk and White Clay creeks. It contains the v. of Jennersville. There are in the 11 store, cap. $5,000; 1 grist m., 1 saw m. Cap. in manufac. $2,350. 3 sch. 82 scholars. Pop. 663.

Penn, t., Lycoming co., Pa. It has 4 saw m. Cap. in manufac. $1,300. 3 sch. 35 scholars. Pop. 354.

Penn, t, Perry co., Pa. It has 3 stores, cap. $12,300; 1 forge, 1 tannery, 1 flouring m., 4 grist B., 4 saw m. Cap. in manufac. $16,520; 5 sch. 196 scholars. Pop. 839.

Penn, p-o., Jay co., Ia., 108 n. e. Indianapolis, 531W.

Penn, t., Cass co., Mich. It has 1 store, cap. $500; 3 saw m. Cap. in manufac. $3,500. 3 sch. 123 scholars. Pop. 415.

Pennington, p-v., Hopewell t., Mercer co., N. J., 8 n. Trenton, 177 W. It contains 1 Presbyterian and 1 Methodist church, both of brick, an academy, a public library, 3 stores, and about 40 dwellings.

Pennington, t., Licking co., O. It has 7 sch. 366 scholars. Pop. 1,214.

Pennington, t., Union co., Ark. It has 1 sch. 15 scholars. Pop. 914.

Penn Line, p-o., Crawford co., Pa., 256 n. w. Harrisburg, 322 W.

Penn Run, p-o., Indiana co., Pa., 161 w. n. w. Harrisburg, 214 W.

Pennsborough, p-o., Wood co., Va., 295 w. n. w. Richmond, 263 W.

Penns Creek, p-o., Union co., Pa.

Pennsbury, t., Chester co., Pa., 23 s. w. Philadelphia. The surface is gently sloping; soil, calcareous loam. Brandywine cr. runs on its e. boundary, and receives from it Pocopsen cr. and other small tributaries. It has 2 stores, cap. $3,600; 3 tanneries, 3 grist m., 3 saw m. Cap. in manufac. $12,600. 3 sch. 200 scholars. Pop. 933.

Penns Grove, p-o., Delaware co., Pa., 97 e. s. e. Harrisburg, 127 W.

Penns Neck, Lower, t., Salem co., N. J., 5 N. w. Salem. Delaware r. bounds it on the w. and s. w. The surface is level; soil, clay and sandy loam, w r ith some marsh meadow. It contains 1 Presbyterian, 1 Episcopal, and 1 Methodist church. Salem r. bounds it on the s. e. and is connected with the Delaware r. by a canal, 2 ms. long. It has 4 stores, cap. $4,800; 1 grist m. Cap. in manufac. $1,047. 5 sch. 185 scholars. Pop. 1,219.

Penns Neck, Upper, t., Salem co., N. J. The surface is level; soil, a light sandy loam. It has 1 Friends and 1 Methodist church. It contains a valuable bed of shell marl. It has 4 stores, cap. $14,000; 2 sch. 95 scholars. Pop. 1,854.

Penns Store, p-o., Patrick co., Va., 210 w. s w. Richmond, 235 W.

Pennsville, p-v., Wrightstown, t., Bucks co., Pa., 25 n. Philadelphia, 111 e. Harrisburg, 160 W. It contains 1 store, and about 12 dwellings.

Pennsvile, p-v., Penn t., Morgan co., O., 77 e. by s. Columbus, 331 W. It contains 1 Friends church, 2 stores, about 20 dwellings, and 100 inhabitants.

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Source: A Complete Descriptive And Statistical Gazetteer Of The United States Of America, By Daniel Haskel, A. M and J. Calvin Smith, Published By Sherman & Smith, 1843

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