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Good Books on Early Maine History

History of the District of Maine, Sullivan
History of Maine (2 vs.), Williamson
Bancroft's History of the U. S. (vs. 1-2-3)
Beginnings of Colonial Maine, Dr. Burrage
Makers of Maine, Holmes
Books (published by the State of Maine):
Maine at Valley Forge
Waymouth's Tercentenary
The Tercentenary of the Landing of the Popham Colony
The Tercentenary of Martin Pring's First Voyage to the Coast of Maine
The Tercentenary of De Monts' Settlement of St. Croix Island
Maine: Her Place in History, Chamberlain
Sebastian Rale: A Maine Tragedy in the i8th Century, Sprague
Maine at Louisburg, Burrage

Bangor Historical Magazine (2 vols.) "
Sprague's Journal of Maine History (7 vols, completed)
Maine Catholic Magazine (7 vols.)
Maine Historical and Genealogical Magazine (9 vols. pub. in Portland)
Francis Parkman's Works, especially:
A Half Century of Conflict
The Pioneers of France in the New World
Montcalm and Wolfe
Rosier's Narrative of Waymouth's Voyage
Military Operations in Eastern Maine and Nova Scotia, Kidder
A Statistical View of the District of Maine, Moses Greenleaf
Collections of the Maine Historical Society (Series i, 2, 3, 22 vols., Doc. Hist, of Maine, 24 vols.)
The Pioneers of New France in New England, Baxter
Penhallow's History of New England Wars (Indian Wars)
Drake's History of King Philip's War
Indians of North America
Indians of the Kennebec (Reprint from Hist, of Kennebec County)
Twenty Years at Pemaquid J. Henry Cartland
Sketches of the Ecclesiastical History of the State of Maine From the Earliest to 1829

Town Histories
Drisko's History of Machias
Wheeler's History of Castine
Folsom's History of Biddeford and Saco
North's History of Augusta
Whitman's History of Buckfield

Source: Maine My State, The Maine Writers Research Club, The Journal Print Shop, Lewiston, Maine, 1919

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