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I do have questions about this book, great stories, but not sure how true.  They all are interesting and worth spending some time reading, at least I enjoyed editing them. Below is the forward to the book.

This book is intended primarily as a reader for the public schools of Maine and as such maintains a true historical perspective, together with an effort to present the personal and picturesque side of Maine history in a narrative form. Much of the material is to be found only in scattered memoirs, little-known historical documents, and in volumes that may be written in quaint verbiage, difficult to comprehend and unsuited to the schools. It has been the privilege of the writers of this book to make these offerings as lucid and as direct as possible.

It is hoped that this book will teach history as well as reading; and what is of special interest in this centenary year of the statehood of Maine, a love of the history of Maine. This, of itself, would be worth far more to the originators of this volume, the Maine Writers Research Club, composed of a group of Maine women, concerned in Maine historical matters, than any other possible outcome of its publication.

Here along our coast of Maine were the beginnings of our Nation. Here were some of the first settlements of the Western Hemisphere. Here went the first of the brave voyageurs along the deeply indented coast line from Cape Cod to Newfoundland. Here the early cartographers came to make their maps. It is a rich field for study. The brave souls, who lived and died here in the age long gone, should be known by every youth who attends our public schools, and by every adult should be reverenced and acknowledged.

It is with these things in mind that this volume is issued, the sole object has been to make a book that should be of value to the boys and girls of Maine and thereby a book of value to future generations.


Source: Maine My State, The Maine Writers Research Club, The Journal Print Shop, Lewiston, Maine, 1919

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