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You're just a rugged, homespun State
Perched on the nation's edge,
A stretch of woods, of fields and lakes,
Of ocean-pounded ledge.
But rugged deeds and rugged men
You've nurtured for your own:
Much good the world has harvested
From broadcast seeds you've sown
And so, we love you, rugged State,
We love your smiling skies.
We love you for your deep-piled snows.
Your jagged coast we prize.
We love you for the lofty seat
You've reared 'neath heaven's dome:
But best of all, we love you, Maine,
Because you're Maine - and Home!
Lester Melcher Hart

Source: Maine My State, The Maine Writers Research Club, The Journal Print Shop, Lewiston, Maine, 1919

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