Pacific Coast Business Directory

Montana Territory Business Gazetteer

Arranged alphabetically by business and towns. Where there are two or more localities of the same name, the county is added.

[See Colleges and Academies.]

Agricultural Implements
[See also Hardware; also Merchants General.]
Cohen, D. & Co. Deer Lodge City
Miller, F. B. Deer Lodge City
Clark, Conrad & Curtin Helena
Powell, T. C & Co. Helena
French & Thomas Virginia City
Largey, P. H. & Co. Virginia City

[See Drugs and Medicines.]

Arms and Ammunition
[See Gunsmiths; also Merchants General.]

[See also Bankers.]
Esler, A. M., Divide
Turner, N. L., Divide
Molitor, T., Helena
Rumley, Thomas, Helena
Starrett, C., Jefferson City
Merrell, J. M., Phillipsburgh
Jackson, P. V., Sterling
Dahler, C. L., Virginia City

Attorneys at Law
Mead, C., Bannack City
Stapleton, G. W., Bannack City
McElroy, James, Beartown
Davis, J. J., Bozeman
Edwards, T. R., Bozeman
Page & Coleman, Bozeman
Vivion, R. T., Bozeman
Blakley, C. P., Central Park
Colwell, John, Chico
Claggett & Dixon, Deer Lodge City
Irvine, C. E., Deer Lodge City
Mayhew & McMurtry, Deer Lodge City
Newcomer, D. P., Deer Lodge City
Robinson, J. C., Deer Lodge City
Sharp & Napton, Deer Lodge City
Collins, T. E., Diamond City
Yancey, C. D., Diamond City
Hill, R. W., Gallatin City
Street, J. H. D., Gallatin City
Edwards, William, German Gulch
Edwards, W. R. H., Gwendale
Potter, John, Hamilton
Bullard, Massona, Helena
Chumasero & Chadwick, Helena
Comly, Harry R, Helena
Cullen, W. E., Helena
Johnston & Toole, Helena
Lawrence, R., Helena
Sanders, W. F., Helena
Shober & Lowry, Helena
Toole, Joseph K, Helena
Williams, J. J., Helena
Williams, R. H., Helena
Woolfolk, Porter & Ballard, Helena
McCormick, W. J, Missoula
Pomeroy, Thomas, Missoula
Stephens, W. J., Missoula
Walker A Cowell, Sheridan
Harvey, B. F., Twin Bridges
Young, W. A. M., Twin Bridges
Blake, Henry N., Virginia City
Marshall, W, J., Virginia City
Reyburn, L. C., Virginia City
Spratt, James G., Virginia City
Turner, C. W., Virginia City

Virginia City
Booker & Curtis, Helena
Zeigler Brothers, Helena

Manej, John, Bozeman
Cannon Brothers, Helena
Reinig, M., Helena
Mitchell, A. Mrs., Saint Louis
Mannheim, John, Virginia City
Spiker, John, Virginia City

Roe, Isaac & Brother, Bannack City
Bill, F. R., Blackfoot City
Black, L. M., Bozeman
Hershfield, L. H., Helena
Dahler, C. L., Virginia City
Elling, Henry, Virginia City

First National Bank of Bozeman
First National Bank of Deer Lodge
First National Bank of Helena
People's National Bank of Helena
Missoula National Bank, Missoula

[See Hairdressers.]

Beds and Bedding
[See Furniture]

Spencer, Albert, Cave Gulch
Gorber & Dickenson, Deer Lodge City
Talbot & Thompson, Deer Lodge City
Brainard, H. B., Diamond City
Fox, Thomas, Forest City
Luland & Talbot, Forest City
Maturan, Samuel, French Gulch
Wier, William, Gwendale
Mather, William, Helena
Archer, W. H. & Co., Rochester
Vansickle & Doran, Rochester
Norton & Dean

Blacksmiths and Wagon Makers
Bryan, William, Argenta
Bowman, Charles, Bannack City
Watson, Thomas, Bannack City
Pilkey, Joseph, Beartown
Olson & Tarpey, Blackfoot City
Annis & Cook, Bozeman
Finch, J. B., Bozeman
Harper, Francis, Bozeman
Black, John E., Butte City
McKnight, Patrick, Canton
Day, Frank, Cave Gulch
Huffman, J., Cedar Creek
Perks, William, Canton
Hoover, David, Centerville
McKnight, Patrick, Centerville
Chase, Patrick, Chico
Coverly, John, Chico
Hancock, Joseph, Chico
Lee, W. H., Chico
Woods, George W., Chico
Smith, James, Cicero
White, P., Cicero
Payne, Rufus, Clancy
Corwin, AV. S., Clarkston
Weller, Thomas, Corvallis
Blake & Weller, Deer Lodge City
Doad & Surpenant, Deer Lodge City
King & Smiley, Deer Lodge City
Simmonds, D., Diamond City
McCauley, P., Divide
Wunderlich, Charles, Divide
Deschamps, Gaspard, Flat Head Lake
Roses, Alphonse, Forest City
Anderson, A. C. & Co., Fort Benton
Hamblin & Scott, Fort Benton
Matte, Louis, French Gulch
Larabie, T. B., Frenchtown
Jefferson, L. B., Gaffney
Girard, Joseph, Gallatin City
McCauley, Jefferson, Glendale
Helstrom, J. H., Gwendale
Pinnington, Thomas, Gwendale
Smith, Archibald, Gwendale
Baker, William, Hamilton
Allen, Z. M., Harrison
Brown & Weisenborn, Helena
Hoyt, Z., Helena
Jeffries, C., Helena
Kemp, Alexander B., Helena
McLean, William, Helena
Beckler, _____, Jefferson City
Wynne, John B., Junction
Euch. Matthew, Lincoln
Martin, C., Missoula
Weller & Squires, Missoula
Farewell, George, Nevada City
McGregory, W. G., Nevada City
Allan, William H., Pike's Peak
Wood, Thomas, Pike's Peak
Wykoff, C D., Pike's Peak
Hirst, O. W., Pioneer
Morse, Thomas, Pioneer
Ackroyd & Miller, Saint Louis
Phillips Ji Harmon, Sheridan
Pyre, A., Sheridan
Le Clair, J., Silver Bow
Matte, Alexander, Stevensville
Smith, William, Stevensville
Iceton, Joseph, Summit
Steell, George, Sun River
Goudrie, Charles, Superior
White, Peter, Twin Bridges
Wilsey & Hummell, Twin Bridges
Benclar, Frederick, Unionville
Bartlett, E. H., Virginia City
Clark, G. W., Virginia City
Kohls, Julius, Virginia City
Lancaster, D., Virginia City
Livermore, I. S., Virginia City
Thexton, George, Virginia City
Casterly, Mark, Washington Gulch
Crosby, J. A., Whitehall

[See also Drugs and Medicines; also Merchants General; also Stationers; also Varieties.]
Kenyon, D. S. Deer Lodge City
Woodward, William Deer Lodge City
Crounse & Moffitt, Helena
Ming, J. H. & Co., Helena
Dickinson, W. S. H., Missoula
Bell, Hugh, Phillipsburgh
Tilton, D. W., Virginia City

Boot and Shoe Dealers
[See also Clothing; also Merchants General.]
Shemell, J., Beartown
Abt, F. M., Helena
Ganer, Frederick, Helena
Millen, Nick, Helena
Schultz, H. A., Helena
Schaefer, John G., Summit
Hargrave, William L., Virginia City
Harrington, Baker & Company, Virginia City
Vickers, Robert, Virginia City

Boot and Shoe Makers
Taylor, George, Bannack City
Shemell, J., Beartown
Hinchcliff, Samuel, Blackfoot City
Craig, John, Bozeman
Miller, Henry, Bozeman
Walters, James, Canton
Alexander M., Clancy
Harris, R. B., Corvallis
Gamer, Brothers, Deer Lodge City
Lancing, P., Deer Lodge City
Davis, A. Q., Diamond City
Eckert, Gilbert,
Cummins, Michael, Forest City
Lougivine, Stephen, Forest City
Abt, F. M., Helena
Davis, W. J., Helena
Parker, J. M., Missoula
Piper & Brother, Pikes Peak
Loux, Jacob, Pioneer
Piper, James & Brother, Pioneer
Ritt, J. B., Pioneer
Manning, W., St. Louis
Odell, George, Sheridan
Bradenbucher, F., Silver Bow
Sanford, John, Silver City
Hack, C., Unionville
Lacroix, A., Virginia City
Parker, C. W., Virginia City
Vetter, John G., Virginia City

Harby, James, Bannack City
Kroger, C., Beartown
Schuster, George, Blackfoot City
Simpson, James & Company, Blackfoot City
Speith & Krug, Bozeman
Fenner & Van Gundy, Deer Lodge City
Valiton, P., Deer Lodge City
Ramspeck, Henry, Diamond City
Garber, George, Forest City
Gobert, R. & Co., Fort Benton
Marshall, Carson & Company, Fort Benton
Binzel & Foller, Helena
Foller & Ream, Helena
Gerhauser & Kuwarth, Helena
Horskey & Kinck, Helena
Kessler & Miller, Helena
Sheffler, N., Nevada City
Hauck, Peter, Pioneer
Nipler, Christian, Silver Bow
Obertreis, Charles, Silver Star
Weigand, G. W., Sun River
Manheim, John, Twin Bridges
Gilbert, H. S., Virginia City
Richter, Christian, Virginia City

Crow, J. B., Bannock City
Lannan, John, Beartown
Morse, G. W., Beartown
Gallagher, Frank & Company, Blackfoot City
Martin & Meyers, Bozeman
Humphreys, C. E., Butte City
Savage, Charles, Butte City
Potting & Dell, Clancy
Townsend, B., Clancy
Williams Brothers, Deer Lodge City
Foller, A., Diamond City
Huffel, George, Divide
Wright & Weatherwax, Fort Benton
Maturan, Samuel, French Gulch
Thomas, E. P., Gwendale
Blake, Richard, Helena
Myres, Joseph, Helena
Dell & Potting, Jefferson City
Townsend, B., Jefferson City
Bradberry, _____, Jefferson Island
Mau, Charles & Company, Junction
Edwards & Company, Missoula
Foreman & Ready, Nevada City
Morse, Cal, Pike's Peak
Lyons & Owen, Pioneer
Morse, W., Pioneer
Faulkner, Joseph, Rochester
Staplin, Charles, Rochester
Parcher & Company, Silver Bow
Haskell & Shields, Silver City
McBride, A., Superior
Baker, John Y. & Company, Virginia City
Cardwell & Gallagher, Virginia City
Kibler & Gohn, Virginia City
Mau, Charles & Company, Virginia City
Bantz, George, Washington Gulch
Keley, Michael, Washington Gulch
Morse & Company, Yamhill

Cabinet Makers
[See also Furniture]
Howell, Thomas, Diamond City
Demander, N., Gwendale
Clark, George H., Virginia City
Renshaw, R. W., Virginia City

Carpenters and Builders
Ball, S., Argenta
Brown, George M., Bannack City
Deuar, W. H., Bannack City
Pond, H. S., Bannack City
Leffler, Henry, Burnt Pine
Lambert, Joseph, Cave Gulch
Cone, John, Chico
Howell, Thomas, Diamond City
Mecure & Lorion, Fort Benton
Voght, _____, Frenchtown
Pickett, James L., Jefferson City
Burcher, W. P., Sun River
Vanbroklin, W. J., Twin Bridges
Davis, A. B., Virginia City
Donaldson, W. M., Virginia City
Herndon &, Donaldson, Virginia City
Loman, J. B., Virginia City
Thompson, William, Virginia City
Goding, Z. P., Washington Gulch
Meyers, Frederick, Whitehall

[See also Dry Goods; also Merchants General.]
Curtin, A. P., Helena
Sands Brothers, Helena

Carriage and Wagon Makers
[See also Blacksmiths and Wagon Makers.]
Pfeil, John H., Virginia City

Cigars and Tobacco
[See also Liquors; also Merchants General)
Coleman, William, Deer Lodge City
Woodward. William, Deer Lodge City
Koenigsberger & Brothers, Helena
Lackey, K. & Brother, Helena
Morris Brothers, Helena
Webster, N. H., Helena
Leiser, J. S., Missoula
Tilton & Barber, Virginia City

Civil Engineers
[See Surveyors.]

Bridger, E. A., Bozeman
Iliff, T. C., Bozeman
James, W. M., Gwendale
Hendrickson, A., Gwendale
Crittenden, L. B., Hamilton
Paladino, L. B., (R. C.) Helena
D'Aste, ____, (R. C.) Missoula
Duncan, Hugh, Missoula
Rivalli, F., (K. C.) Missoula
Duncan, Hugh, Sheridan
Riggin, F. A., Sheridan
Van Orsdale, J. W. (Meth.), Sheridan
Cave, A., Superior
Kelleher, F. J. (R. C.), Virginia City
Prout, E. G. (Episc.), Virginia City
Riggin, F. A. (Meth.), Virginia City

[See also Merchants General.]
Basinski Brothers, Bozeman
Bonner, E. L. ii Co., Deer Lodge City
Gans & Klein, Deer Lodge City
Feldberg, J., Helena
Gans & Klein, Helena
Goldberg, D. & J., Helena
Holzman & Brother, Helena
Loeb & Brother Helena
Michalsky, Jacob Helena
Cupinus, W., Pioneer
Armstrong & Johnson, Virginia City
Vickers, Robert, Virginia City
Walters, E. J., Virginia City

Colleges and Academies
St. Vincent Female Academy, Helena

[See also Carpenters and Builders.]
Story, Nelson, Bozeman
Craig, George, Chico

Crockery and Glassware
[See also Hardware; also Merchants General.]
Miller, F. B., Deer Lodge City
Kennon & Zinor, Deer Lodge City
Largey, P. H. & Company, Virginia City

Frary, L. W., Helena

Doors, Sash, and Blinds
Aylesworth, J. H., Bozeman
Kenyon, D. S., Deer Lodge City
McLin & Company, Deer Lodge City
Hartwell & Company, Helena
Shaffer & Yergy, Helena
Herndon & Donaldson, Virginia City

Drugs and Medicines
[See also Merchants General.]
Dunlap, S. F., Bannack City
Langhorne, S. W., Bozeman
Osbourne, S. H., Bozeman
Bowie, C. N., Deer Lodge City
Owings & Goslee, Deer Lodge City
Parchen & D'Acheul, Deer Lodge City
McDonnell, D. A., Diamond City
Hale. K. S. & Company, Helena
Parchen, H. M. & Company, Helena
Weir & Pope, Helena
Henke & McFarland, Missoula
Bell, Hugh, Phillipsburgh
Daems, L., Virginia City
Morns, W. W, Virginia City

Dry Goods.
[See also Merchants General.]
Aspling & Son, Deer Lodge City
Blum, Charles, Deer Lodge City
Bonner, E. L. & Company, Deer Lodge City
Boyce, J. R. & Company, Helena
Lowenburg, A. & Company, Helena
Sands Brothers, Helena
Bonner, E. L. & Company, Missoula
Gans & Klein, Missoula
Cupinus, W., Pioneer
Rosenstein, Solomon, Virginia City
Sandford, A. A. Mrs., Virginia City
Strasburger, I., Virginia City
Warmington, H., Virginia City

Express Agents
Graeter, A. F. (W. F. & Company), Bannack
Birdseye, C. G. (W. F. & Company), Black Foot
Willey, S. A. (W. F. & Company), Deer Lodge City
McKnight, J. H. (W. F. & Company), Fort Shaw
Child, W. C. (W. F. & Company), Helena
Willey. C. F. (W. F. Jc Co.) Lovells
Lent, Alvin (W. F. & Co.) Missoula
Howell, H. S. (W. F. & Co.) Virginia City

Flour Dealers
[See also Merchants General; also Mills-Flour.]
Hartwell & Company, Helena
Walker, Frank, Helena

Davis & Tatem, Helena
Brundago & Howe, Virginia City

Lackey, R. & Brother, Helena
Morris Brothers, Helena
Webster, N. H., Helena

Furnishing Goods-Gents
[See Clothing; also Merchants General.]

Furnishing Goods-Ladies
[See also Milliners.]
Wright, S. A. Mrs., Deer Lodge City

[See also Cabinet Makers; also Merchants General.]
McLin & Co., Deer Lodge City
Bien M., Deer Lodge City
O'Neil, John, Deer Lodge City
Sweeney & Pettit, Deer Lodge City
Klane, C., Helena
Lockey, J. & Company, Helena
Sparenberg, W., Helena
Clark, George H., Virginia City
Renshaw, R. W., Virginia City

Furs, Hides, etc.
[See also Merchants General.]
Lobenstein, W. C., Helena
Thompson, C., Twin Bridges

Groceries and Provisions
[See also Merchants General.]
Farlin, William L. & Company, Bannack
Potter, John, Camp Baker
Cohen. D. & Company, Deer Lodge City
Kenyon, D. S., Deer Lodge City
Murphy, Higgins & Company, Deer Lodge City
Osborn & Dennel, Deer Lodge City
Weimar, William H. & Company, Deer Lodge City
Wilcox, J. B. & Company, Deer Lodge City
Higgins, Jonas, Diamond City
Armitage, J., Helena
Cannon Brothers, Helena
Davis & Wallace, Helena
Denn, John, Helena
Hoyt, E. M. & Brother, Helena
Irvin & Todd, Helena
Mann, G. B., Helena
Mayn, Charles & Company, Helena
Reinig. M., Helena
Rosecranz, L. H., Helena
Vawter, J. E. & Company, Helena
Watson Brothers, Helena
Ryan, J. M., Lovell's
Baker, George A., Missoula
Aspling & Son, Pike's Peak
Cohen, D. & Brother, Pike's Peak
Murray & Murphy, Pike's Peak
Farwell. D. C., Virginia City
Maxham & Vinter, Virginia City
Pfouts, W. G., Virginia City
Stoer, J. F., Virginia City
Thomas, J. D., Virginia City

[See also Merchants General]
Cooper, Walter, Bozeman
Brundage, H., Virginia City

Lewis, S. W., Bozeman
Love, Charles & Company, Deer Lodge City
Allen, S., Diamond City
Jensen, Samuel, Pioneer
White, Thomas H., Virginia City

[See also Merchants General]
Kennon & Zenor,, Deer Lodge City
Miller, F. B., Deer Lodge City
Clark, Conrad & Curtin, Helena
Holter, A. M. & Brothers, Helena
Kinna & Jack, Helena
McLeod & Jack, Helena
Powell, T. C. & Company, Helena
Reinhardt, J. P., Missoula
Driggs, E. U., Virginia City
Largey. P. A. & Company, Virginia City
Pfouts, L. H., Virginia City
Harness and Saddlery
[See also Merchants General.]
Englefried, F., Bozeman
Cohen, D. & Company, Deer Lodge City
Lowenstein, W. C., Helena
Markham, Charles, Helena
Crockett, Samuel H., Virginia City
Ketcham, D. H., Virginia City
Kramer, Julius, Virginia City

Hats and Caps
[See Clothing; also Merchants General]

Goodrich, W. C. Mrs., Bannack City
Fisher & Garland, Beartown
Manton, S. E., Beartown
Bowen, S. B., Bozeman
Wakefield, George W., Bozeman
Canovan, John, Burnt Pino
Moss, J. A., Cable City
Rotwitt, Louis, Canyon Ferry
Stafford, J. V., Canyon Ferry
Cockrill, V. A., Central Park
McFadden, G. C., Centreville
Ward. A., Chico
Laurin, J. B., Cicero
Townsend, Mrs., Clancy
Travis, George. Clarkston
Lent, Harvey, Corvallis
Aylesworth & McFarland, Deer Lodge City
Scott, Samuel, Deer Lodge City
Hampton, G. A., Diamond City
Nolan, John, Diamond City
Burderf, Robert, Divide
McKenzie, John, Divide Creek
Bottler, Brothers, Emigrant
Mills, Robert, Fort Benton
Langloes, Louis, French Bar
Lightbody, T., French Bar
McCabe, Mrs., Frenchtown
Reeves, Moise, Frenchtown
Morier, Henry, Gaffney
Page, J. M., Gaffney
Culver, John A., Gallatin City
Longley, John L., Glendale
Reynolds, J. B., Greenwood
Dilger & Pilcher, Helena
Kenck & Sullivan, Helena
Pichler & Bartels, Helena
Schwab & Samuel, Helena
Wytlenbach, Henry, Helena
Redding & Stein, Jefferson County, Hot Springs
Brewer, J. S., Meagher County, Hot Springs
Sperry. B. W., Iron Rod
Merriman, N., Jefferson City
Bowers, J., Jefferson Island
Hayward, Paul D., Lewis
Estes, Sim, Lovell's
Kennedy, William, Missoula
Christenot, Charles F., Nevada City
McNeal, R., Park City
Kaiser, M., Phillipsburgh
Aylesworth, W. N., Pike's Peak
Ruleau, Charles, Pike's Peak
Buzzard, Frederick, Pioneer
Child, E. M., Pioneer
Rendell, A., Pioneer
Fort, A. J., Rochester
Machen, Henry, Rochester
McCoy, Jesse, Sheridan
Dudden. B., Silver Bow
Linwedel, F., Silver City
Anderson, John A., Silver Star
Kennedy, James, Stevensville
Bull, C. A., Sun River
Johnston, Edmund T., Superior
Lett, Brothers, Twin Bridges
Hunt, E. Mrs., Unionville
Belless, A. Q. (Hot Springs), Virginia City
Conway, R. Mrs., Virginia City
Freeler, Andrew, Virginia City
Jones, T. T., Virginia City
Rogers, W. H., Virginia City
Belanger, L., Warm Springs
Wittenet, S., Warm Springs
Ganley, John, Washington Gulch
Brooke, E. G., Whitehall
Rouloux, Charles, Yamhill

Insurance Agents
Miller & Addoms, Helena

Iron and Steel
[See Hardware; also Merchants General.]

[See also Watches and Jewelry]
Kepler, Joseph, Bannack City
Baley, W. H., Bozeman
Hyde, William, Deer Lodge City
Miller, John L., Diamond City
Borstadt, Frank H., Helena
Chaxel, Albert, Helena
Rumley, Thomas, Helena
Sullivan, J. T., Helena
Will, A. K., Helena
Bennett, Charles, Pioneer
Steinman, Charles, Pioneer
Limburg, Victor, Superior
Butler, N. T., Virginia City
Marston, L. F., Virginia City
Pease, H. A., Virginia City

Leather and Findings
[See also Merchants General]
Millen, Nick, Helena

[See also Merchants General.]
Cohen, D. & Company, Deer Lodge City
Valiton, Peter, Deer Lodge City
Wilcox, J. B. & Company, Deer Lodge City
Groshon, T. C., Helena

[See also Hotels]
Bishop, C. L., Bannack City
Peck Brothers, Bannack City
McQuestion, A. B., Beartown
Pilkey, Paul, Beartown
Pyne. John, Beartown
Hall, Johns, Blackfoot City
Matthews, James, Blackfoot City
Carpenter, D. H., Bozeman
Oakwood & Worsham, Bozeman
Ponsford & Chesnut, Bozeman
Speith & Krug, Bozeman
Williams & Murray, Bozeman
Morrison, A. M., Burnt Pine
Prettyman & Company, Burnt Pine
Foster & Kay, Butte City
Wei bold, H. C., Butte City
Rader, C. T., Camp Baker
Spencer, Albert, Cave Gulch
Alexander & Moore, Clancy
Dunham, J. W., Clancy
Hill, H. M., Clancy
Judd, Oscar, Corvallis
Fenner & Van Gundy, Deer Lodge City
Gerber & Dickenson, Deer Lodge City
Pascoe, Thomas, Deer Lodge City
Smith, V. A., Deer Lodge City
Talbot & Thompson, Deer Lodge City
Wilson, William, Deer Lodge City
Brainard, 11. B., Diamond City
Miller, John L., Diamond City
Rian, Whack, , Diamond City
Fox, Thomas, Forest City
Garber, George, Forest City
Lodius, Gustave, Forest City
Luland & Talbot, Forest City
Gobert R. & Company, Fort Benton
Maturan, Samuel, French Gulch
Demers, T. T., Frenchtown
Pichette, O., Frenchtown
Johnson, J., Greenwood
Wier, William, Gwendale
Fall, A., Helena
Kessler & Miller, Helena
Lissner, M., Helena
Marks, J., Helena
Mather, William, Helena
Prewitt, W. G., Helena
Schwab, Samuel, Helena
Shed, E. R., Helena
Sims, William, Helena
Zimmerman, E., Helena
Brewer, J. S., Meagher County, Hot Springs
Reng, _____, Jefferson City
Bowers, J., Jefferson Island
Shannon & Hanley, Jefferson Island
Lyons, W. J., Missoula
McNamara, T. J., Missoula
McWhick Brothers, Missoula
Christenot, Charles F., Nevada City
Sheffler, N., Nevada City
Hakshaw, E., Park City
Hawes, E. M., Park City
Imkamp, H., Phillipsburgh
Grady, James O., Pike's Peak
King, S. F., Pike's Peak
Carten, John, Pioneer
Lang, William, Pioneer
Mellen, W., Pioneer
Perry, George, Pioneer
Archer, W. H. & Company, Rochester
Vansickle & Doran, Rochester
Mitchell, A. Mrs., Saint Louis
McCoy, Jesse, Sheridan
Norton & Dean, Silver Bow
Linwedel, F., Silver City
Obertreis, Charles, Silver City
Carrier, George, Stevensville
Dobbins, G. W., Stevensville
Rives, Thomas E., Stevensville
Laird, W. R., Sun River
Weigand, G. W., Sun River
Onion, David, Superior
Cline, J. A., Twin Bridges
O'Connor, Thomas, Unionville
Freiler & Baker, Virginia City
Herriman, John M., Virginia City
Meyer & Koerner, Virginia City
Spiker, John, Virginia City
Taylor, Horace, Virginia City
Todd, George W., Virginia City
Wimmer, J., Virginia City
Belanger, L., Warm Springs
O'Grady, James, Yamhill
Trufant, D. H., Yamhill

[See Stables-Livery.]

[See Mills-Saw.]

[See also Foundries.]
Davis & Tatem, Helena
Brundage & Howe, Virginia City
Olin, C. S., Helena

Creighton, E. & Company, Virginia City

Wilcox, J. B. & Company, Deer Lodge City
Raymond Brothers, Virginia City
Maclay, E. G. & Company, Helena

Merchants General
[Where may be found Agricultural Implements, Clothing, Dry Goods, Groceries, Hardware, Provisions, etc.
Carey & O'Brien, Adobetown
French, George D., Argenta
Graeter, A. F. & Company, Bannack City
Trask, C. O. & Son, Bannack City
Wright, A. F., Bannack City
Abacall. J. & Company, Beartown
Brown, L., Beartown
Manton, Denis, Beartown
Birdseye & Company, Blackfoot City
Quigley, John R., Blackfoot City
Spear, S. W., Blackfoot City
White, P. S., Blackfoot City
Bogert, J. B. & W., Bozeman
Burnett, T., Bozeman
Ellis & Davis, Bozeman
Lamme, A. & Company, Bozeman
Rich & Wilson, Bozeman
Strasburger & Sperling, Bozeman
Bisonette & Brother, Burnt Pine
Lowe, Thomas, Burnt Pine
Foster & Kay, Butte City
Weibold, H. C., Butte City
Gaddis, William, Camp Baker
Tierney & Scott, Canton
Stafford, J. V., Canyon Ferry
Ingersoll, E. J., Cave Gulch
Albrecht, Emil, Cave Gulch
Buck & Cave, Cedar Creek
Buckley & Williams, Cedar Creek
Cockrill, V. A., Central Park
Barker, James, Centreville
Robinson, J. M., Centreville
Smith Brothers, Centreville
Fitzgerald, S. M., Chico
Laurin, J. B., Cicero
Crane, George W. & Company, Clancy
Hill, H. M., Clancy
Constance, Phillip, Clarkston
Rollins, O. B., Corvallis
Weinstein & Black, Corvallis
Murphy, Higgins & Company, Deer Lodge City
Haase, William H., Diamond City
Marks, Leopold, Diamond City
Wunderlich, Charles, Divide
Bottler Brothers, Emigrant
Cohn, I., Flat Head Lake
Buck & Cave, Forest City
Buckley & William, Forest City
Caplice & Smith, Forest City
Baker, J. Q. & Brother, Fort Benton
Carroll & Steel, Fort Benton
Northwest Fur Company, Fort Benton
Power, Thomas C. & Brother, Fort Benton
McKnight, J. H. & Company, Fort Shaw
Foster, J. H. B., French Bar
Primont, Frank, French Gulch
Demers, T. T., Frenchtown
Gaffney, Owen, Gaffney
Campbell, G. H., Gallatin City
Harris, W. T., Gallatin City
Foster & Ray, German Gulch
Dahler, Armstrong & Company, German Gulch
Boisincault, Charles, Greenwood
Wier, William, Gwendale
Potter, John, Hamilton
Richards, Robert K., Harrisburg
Hall & Isdell, Harrison
Davis, N. J., Havana
Auerbach, C. & Brother, Helena
Hall, S. M., Helena
Lehman, Charles. Helena
Lehman, Frederick, Helena
Levy, Jonathan, Helena
Murphy, Neel & Company, Helena
Saunders & Whetstone, Jefferson City
Carpenter, C. J. Jr., Jefferson Island
Mearns, John, Junction
Messeau, Z., Junction
Baker, J. V., Lincoln
Culp, D. W., Lincoln
Buford & Coraly, London City
Gogert & Tanner, London City
Welch, Daniel J., Missoula
Worden & Company, Missoula
Carey & O'Brien, Nevada City
Setton, H. L. & Company, New Chicago
Storkey, George T., Park City
Brown, John, Phillipsburgh
Weinstein & Block, Phillipsburgh
Davidson, James, Pioneer
Kelley. M. W., Pioneer
Wilhelm, A., Pioneer
McGrath & Smith, Quartz Creek
Archer, W. H., Rochester
Bailey, J. D., Saint Louis
Hildebrand, John & Company, Saint Louis
Bateman, R. P., Sheridan
Hamilton & Sweet, Sheridan
Lowe, Thomas, Silver Bow
Weibold, H. C., Silver Bow
Glass, Andrew, Silver City
Carmichael, Alexander, Silver Star
Porter, L. D., Silver Star
Peck, Charles H., Sterling
Lomme, J. A., Stevensville
Winslett, J. W., Stevensville
Covely, William F., Summit
Steell, George, Sun River
Bonticou, J., Superior
Buck & Cave, Superior
Laurin & Brother, Twin Bridges
Lett, J. S., Twin Bridges
Pennington. Joseph, Twin Bridges
Constans, Phillip, Unionville
Douglas, William, Virginia City
French & Thomas, Virginia City
Patton & Lambrecht, Virginia City
Girard, E., Warm Springs
White, P. S., Washington Gulch
Estes & Fall, Watson
Cohen, D. & Brother, Yamhill
Murray & Murphy, Yamhill
Ferguson, W. R. & Company, Yreka

Milliners and Millinery Goods
Twogood, B. Mrs. Helena
Sanford, A. A. Mrs. Virginia City

Grist Mills in the Territory.]
McAdam, P. W. & Brother, Bozeman
French, O. D. & Company, Cicero
Lebeau, Saline, Frenchtown
Thomas, George D, Gallatin City
Evans, Morgan, Gwendale
Sanford & Evans, Helena
Hall, S. & Company, Sheridan
Ramsay, French & Company, Sheridan
Black, L. M., Springville
Lafontaine, P. M., Stevensville
Nichols, J. A., Stevensville
Healy, J. J. & Brother, Sun River
Hall, Sargent, Virginia City

Saw Mills in the Territory.]
Swartz & Tibbits, Blackfoot City
Allen, Levi & Company, Clancy
Durfee, Frank, Clancy
Gilett, A. S., Clancy
Holter, A. M. & Brother, Clancy
Murphy & Company, Deer Lodge City
McCleary & Brother, German Gulch
Hartwell & Company, Helena
Riale, C. K., Helena
Sanford & Evans, Helena
Walker Brothers, Helena
Nottingham, W. W., Jefferson City
Patterson, Jesse, Jefferson City
Beardsley, R. C., Sheridan
Bass & Brothers, Stevensville
Long, J. J., Stevensville
Steell, George, Sun River
Herndon & Donaldson, Virginia City
Thompson, William, Virginia City
Werken, Henry, Virginia City

News Agents
[See also Booksellers; also Stationers.]
Holzman, S. L. & Brother, Bozeman

Newspapers in the Territory.]
Avant Courier, Bozeman
New Northwest, Deer Lodge City
Helena Herald, Helena
Independent, Helena
Missoulian, Missoula
Madisonian, Virginia City
Montanian, Virginia City

Pfeil, John H., Virginia City

Painters-House and Sign
Heitchens, Henry, Bozeman
Smilie, James, Jr., Virginia City
King, Frederick L., Helena

Paints, Oils and Glass
[See also Drugs and Medicines]
Weir & Pope, Helena

Bundy, O. C., Virginia City

Leavitt, E. D., Bannack City
Monroe, Q. W., Bozeman
Ford, Anson, Butte City
Mitchell, A. H., Deer Lodge City
Mussigbrod, Charles F., Deer Lodge City
Parbury, William, Diamond City
Ketchum, D. G., Gallatin City
Bullard, W. R., Helena
Holmes, L. E., Helena
Reece, Thomas, Helena
Stein, George W., Jefferson Co., Hot Springs
Buker, J. B., Missoula
Price, C., Pioneer
Day, S. D., Sheridan
Smith, J. C., Sheridan
Ellis. Charles F., Silver Star
Oleson, Emile, Silver Star
Closton, J. B., Twin Bridges
Daems, L., Virginia City
Smith, J. C., Virginia City
Yager, E. T., Virginia City
McConnell, R. E., Washington Gulch
Milre, William, Washington Gulch

Child, W. C., Helena

Craig, George, Chico

Printers-Book and Job
[See Newspapers.]

[See also Merchants General.]
Walker, Frank, Helena
Marchesseau, S., Stevensville
King, John, Whitehall
Winslow, C., Whitehall

Real Estate Agents
Maguire, H. N., Bozeman
Star, Sol, Helena

Jordan & Miller, Deer Lodge City
Murphy, C., Forest City
Delany, Charles, Fort Benton
Elmore & Samples, Fort Benton
Fary, Daniel, Helena
Rinda & Sklower, Helena
Wells, John, Yreka

Sewing Machines
[See also Merchants General.]
Miller, F. B. Deer Lodge City

Luce & Haines, Blackfoot City
Clark, C. S., Bozeman
Gilg, Frank, Burnt Pine
Northrup, W. D., Clancy
Burden & Mahan, Deer Lodge City
Valiton & Hyde, Deer Lodge City
Laney, Josiah, Diamond City
Baker, H. R., Helena
Moore, Moses, Helena
Chapman, J. A., Missoula
Lent & Osborne, Missoula
Lytle & Duffy, Phillipsburgh
McDonel & Brother, Pike's Peak
McDonel, J. & Brother, Pioneer
Rains & Daddow, Pioneer
Dudden, B., Silver Bow
Farrell, T. J., Virginia City
Johnson, E. F., Virginia City
Morris, William, Virginia City
Werken, Henry, Virginia City
Ganley, John, Washington Gulch
Hadley & Marsh, Whitehall
McDonel, Michael, Yamhill

[See also Booksellers; also News Agents.]
Kenyon, D. S., Deer Lodge City
Woodward, William, Deer Lodge City
Crounse & Moffit, Helena
Ming, J. H. & Company, Helena
Parchen, H. M. & Company, Helena
Dickinson, W. S. H., Missoula
Bell, Hugh, Phillipsburgh
Tilton, D. W., Virginia City

Stoves and Tinware
[See also Hardware; also Merchants General.]
Dart, George, Bannack City
Bachelder, G. J., Bozeman
Warfield, T. B., Bozeman
Kennon & Zenor, Deer Lodge City
Miller, F. B., Deer Lodge City
McLeod & Jack, Helena
Reinhardt, J. P., Missoula
Driggs, E. U., Virginia City
Schultz, S. J., Virginia City
Largey, P. H. & Company, Virginia City

Surveyors and Civil Engineers
McFarland, D. L., Deer Lodge City
O'Bannon, O. B., Deer Lodge City
Folsom, D. E., Diamond City
Corbett, J. L., Virginia City
Knight, A. B., Virginia City
Page, J. M., Virginia City

Schrier, Daniel, Camp Baker
Jones, H. & Company, Deer Lodge
Allen, S., Diamond City
Cohn, A., Fort Benton
Swanson, Otto Helena
Worth, Charles Silver City
Harris, S., Virginia City
Weiss, D., Virginia City

Hermann, George Helena

[See also Cabinet Makers.]
Sandford, John Helena

Holzman, S. L. & Brother, Bozeman
Coleman William, Deer Lodge City
Kenyon, D. S., Deer Lodge City
Woodward, William, Deer Lodge City
Crounse & Moffit, Helena
Ming, J. H. & Company, Helena
Dickinson, W. S. H., Missoula
Bennett, Charles, Pioneer

Watches and Jewelry
[See also Jewelers]
Kepler, Joseph, Bannack City
Baley, W. H., Bozeman
Hyde, William, Deer Lodge City
Borstadt, Frank H., Helena
Chaxel, Albert, Helena
Sullivan, J. T., Helena
Pease, H. A., Virginia City

Wood and Coal
Gainan, Stephen, Virginia City
Redick William, Virginia City
Stevens, W. W., Virginia City
Williams, James, Virginia City

Wood and Willow Ware
[See Merchants General; also Varieties.]

Pacific Coast Business Directory | Montana Territory Index

Source: Pacific Coast Business Directory for 1876-78, Compiled by Henry G. Langley, San Francisco, 1875.


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