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Utah Territory Salt Lake City, Salt Lake County

Salt Lake City, Salt Lake County, PO, Incorporated, County seat, and capital of Utah Territory. This is the principal central point between the densely populated sections of the East and of the Pacific Coast. By railroad it is 1,068 miles from Omaha, and 916 from San Francisco, adding 36 miles to each as the distance from Ogden. The Utah Central Railroad connects with the transcontinental road at Ogden, and the Utah Southern stretches its iron arms seventy-five miles into the interior of the Territory, with several branches into the various mining districts of the Wasatch and Oquirrh ranges of mountains. The Utah Western Railway leads to the mining districts of Tooele, and is expected to extend through Sevier Valley and to Pioche in Nevada. The Utah Northern connecting with the Central at Ogden, opens the northern section of the Territory, thus perfecting the system that brings trade to the central mart. This peculiar city was first entered upon July 24, 1847, by a party of Mormons fleeing from oppression on account of their religion in a country where the right of religious belief is guaranteed to all by law; and who here, in the then barren wilderness, on a spot and in a section spurned by all, undertook to make themselves homes. Such an hegira, with its settlement and consequences, constitutes one of the grandest episodes of history. Salt Lake City is situated at the western base of a spur of the Wasatch Mountains, (See Nephi) and about twenty miles east of the southern extremity of the lake of the same name. It is laid out on the most generous scale, the streets being 132 feet wide, crossing each other at right angles and inclosing blocks of ten acres each, but several have since been cut up by cross streets. These were intended for small farms, and to irrigate them water was brought to the city from the Cottonwood River, which runs in canals through all the streets. The soil being fertile, aided by irrigation, and industry having been incited by a taste for beauty, rows of trees border the streets, and fruit trees fill the gardens, thus highly ornamenting the city, and embowering it in summer verdure. From the inhospitable desert of 1847, it has risen to be a beautiful city of 30,000 inhabitants, well built and flourishing, with an assessment roll of $7,200,964. The principal buildings are the City Hall, the Tabernacle, Theater, one of the best in America; Museum, the houses of Brigham Young, the First President of the Mormon Church, and the Temple, not completed. The City Hall was constructed at a cost of $70,000, and is used as the Capitol. The Tabernacle is a building of peculiar construction and great capacity, being of a single room capable of holding 10,000 persons. It is mostly a large roof, constructed with a view to acoustics, being a semi-ovoid, resting on forty-six pillars of red sandstone. Its dimensions are 250 feet in length by 150 in breadth. An organ is in course of construction in the building, said to be the largest in the United States. Numerous other public buildings are in the city, and schools, churches. Masonic and Odd Fellows' lodges, manufactories, and other institutions are maintained. The newspapers published here are the Deseret News, daily and weekly; the Salt Lake Tribune, daily and weekly; the Salt Lake Herald, daily and semi-weekly; the Real Estate and Mining Gazette, monthly; the Shandinave, weekly; the Woman's Expositor, semi-monthly; and a magazine, the Messenger, monthly.
Ahlstrand, T, boots and shoes
Alff R, china, glassware, and cutlery, 89 Main
Anderson A, fur dealer
Anderson Hugh, insurance agent
Anderson W F, physician
Anderson &. Foote, assayers
Asmussen Carl C, watches and jewelry
Astarito James, fruits, and cigars. First South
Atchison & Steele, wholesale liquors, 54 Main
Auer & Murphy, liquor saloon, 35 First South
Auerbach F & Bro, dry goods and clothing, 55 East Temple
Bagger Louis & Company, solicitor of patents
Bailey & Son, groceries, and produce
Barnes John S, commission merchant
Barnes & Anderson, brokers, 99 Main
Barnum E M, attorney at law. Main
Barratt C A, furniture, and notions
Barrett Clarence, chemist, and mining expert
Bates George C, attorney at law, First South
Beatty James H, attorney at law. Main
Benedict Bros, physicians, 37 East Temple
Bergeman & Company, brewery
Blonger & Stoddard, liquor saloon. Second South
Blumenthal Bros, clothing, 15 East Temple
Boaz William, stoves and tinware
Bogman C H, physician, 31 Main
Borg L P, saddlery and harness
Boukofsky Nelse, wholesale liquors, 58 Main
Boutelle George M, civil engineer, opp Townsend House
Bowring Bros, groceries and provisions, tobacco and cigars
Bowring C K, painter
Bowring H E, fruits, etc. First South
Bowring A Crow, harness and saddlery
Boyd & Whitworth, salt dealers
Brazier George, groceries and provisions
Bredemeyer W, notary public, mining and civil engineer, 17 Kimball Block
Breiger P L, fruits and vegetables, 21 First South
Bringhurst Samuel, blacksmith, and wagon maker
Brooks J G, leather, 15.5 Main
Brooks S T, attorney at law. First South
Broreghton Joseph, liquor saloon. First South
Brown S W, coal
Brown William & Company, cigars and tobacco
Browne & Brooks, civil engineers and surveyors
Bruce H & Son, engravers, notary and mining stamps, etc
Brunston Henry, hotel
Bryant J G A Company, lumber, moldings, doors, etc
Buhring Henry, liquor saloon
Burnes Lewis, attorney at law. Main
Burnett & Whitney, attorneys at law. Main
Barrows Joseph, groceries and provisions
Calder A W, dentist. Main
CALDER DAVID O, proprietor Deseret News
Caldor A Carless, books, stationery, and musical instruments
Callahan M B, mining hardware
Cameron k Company, dry goods. East Temple
Carson & Buzzo, smelting works
Carter Charles W, photographer, Main
Carter Frederick, auctioneer, and commission
Carter M A, attorney at law. Main
Carter Thomas, cigars, tobacco, fishing tackle, etc
Carver Wayne, insurance agent
Chislett Bros, boots and shoes, 51 Main
Clark k AV right, restaurant, 52 Main
Clawson H B, wagons, and agricultural implements
Clayton & Cough, mining engineers, 53 Main
Clements C C, attorney at law
Clive C, tailor
Cohn Louis, dry goods, and clothing
Colebrook N Mrs, millinery, 23 Main
Connolly & Company, produce, and provisions
Connor P E, insurance agent
Cooper Bros, real estate agents
Cooper Charles, toys, and fancy goods
Co-operative Store, H B Clawson, agent, general merchandise, and agricultural implements
Corker J Fred, notary public
Cornell, Watson k Ireland, oils, lamps, etc
Cornell & Sons, painters
Cowen S M. cigars and tobacco
Cowley William, tailor
Crane _____, furniture
Crawford J R, dentist. Main
Crockwell J D M, physician
Crockwell & Bassett, sewing machine agents
Crossley & Pfandler, brewery
Culmer G F & Company, groceries and provisions
Cunningham C C, wines and liquors
Cunnington John, groceries. Main
Cupit & Pape, liquor saloon. Overland House
Curtis Theodore, tent maker
Dahl & Sorenson, proprietors Valley House
Danford A B, dentist, South Temple
Davies John, merchant tailor, 45 Commercial
Davis G W, teas, coffees, etc
Davis, Howe & Company, foundry and machine shop, First West
Davis John S, brewery
Day Mrs, milliner
Day & Company, general merchandise. Constitution Building
Daynes & Son, sewing machines
Deseret Agricultural and Manufacturing Co
Deseret National Bank of Salt Lake City, William
H Hooper, president, L S Hills, cashier
DESERET NEWS, David Calder, proprietor
Diehl & Rheinbold, barbers
Dinwoodey H, furniture dealer, 75 First South
Dodge W H, cigars and tobacco, 22 First South
Dudler Joseph, liquor saloon, and brewery
Dunford George, hats, caps, furs, boots, shoes, etc
Durant Oliver, forwarding and commission, and dealer iron ore, coal and grain
Durant & Cutting, commission merchants
Dwyer James, books and stationery, 41 East Temple
Dwyer & Abrogast, confectionery, and oyster saloon
Eddins J, brewery
Eliason L, watch maker and jeweler. Second South
Eriezon C L, civil engineer
Erikson John, liquor saloon, 29 First South
Fagan John W, boots and shoes
Farrah k Wheeler, sewing machines
Firmin D R, cigars and tobacco
First National Bank, Warren Hussey, president, Anthony Godbe, cashier
Fisher & Wise, restaurant
Foote Frank, assayer, 99 Main
Ford Seth, book and job printer, 45 First South
Fowler Allen, physician. Main
Froiseth B A M, map publisher
Funge William W, wholesale coal, 42 Main
Garrett Levi, wholesale butcher. Main
Gee W W, attorney at law, Kimball Block
Gensler S, clothing
Germania Smelting and Lead Refining Works, Kimball Block
Gibson L M Mrs, millinery
Gillispie W M & Company, patent brokers. Main
Gilmer k Salisbury, stage proprietors
Godbe & Company, drugs and medicines. First South
Godfrey & Rogers, proprietors Utah Hotel
Goldberg L k Company, clothing
Goldman C Mrs, milliner, 101 Kimball Block
Golightly R, bakery. Main
Gordon & Company, commission, and forwarding
Graham _____, book and job printer
Greenig Daniel, groceries and provisions, 90 East Temple
Groo George W, attorney at law. Main
Groves W H, dentist. Second South
Gustafson C J, harness and saddlery
Halo John L, liquor saloon, 70 Main
Harris Edward, cigars and tobacco
Harrison W, stoves, and tinware
Hauerbach & Gorgenson, photographers, 20 Commercial
Haydon & Gilchrist, attorneys at law. Main
Hemingray J C, attorney at law. Main
Hempstead & Gamble, attorneys at law
Hendrie Brothers, mining machinery. Second South
Herman & Lusten, restaurant, 3 East Temple
Higgins G W, physician. Walker House
Hoge & Jonasson, attorneys at law
Holland J M, physician
Hollander Loo, watches and jewelry. 111 Main
Hopper A, blacksmith. Second South
Ireland & Watson, china, crockery, glassware, etc
Irvine William, human hair
Jacobs E, auctioneer, 33 First South
James J G & Company, groceries and provisions, 1 Main
Jameson H, merchant tailor
Jenkins J W, harness and saddlery
Jennens B W E, groceries, and insurance agent, 23 Main
Jennings' Sons & Sadler, general merchandise
Joelson J M, furniture, Groesbeck's Block
Johnson George J, civil and mining engineer, Kimball Block
Johnson Sewen, liquor saloon
Johnson & Buckstrom, boot and shoe manufacturers
Johnson & Jonasson, brewers
Jonasson E J, attorney at law. Main
Jones Thomas R, lumber dealer
Jones William, watch maker and jeweler
Jordan Julius, cigars and tobacco. Main
Joslin & Park, watches and jewelry, East Temple
Kahn Brothers, groceries. Main
Kelly A H & Bro, bookbinders. Main
Kimball Burton, liquor saloon
Kimball James N, attorney at law, U S Commissioner, and notary public, 90 Main
Kimball Sol, stage and freight line
Kimball & Lawrence, groceries, hardware, etc
Knowlden George H, flour and feed
Koblheyer Philip, butcher
Ladd J H, auctioneer, 74 First South
Lamar Charles W, liquor saloon. Main
Lambourne William R, groceries, confectionery, etc
Lannan P H, butcher
LAPHAM, ROOD & COMPANY, mining, real estate, and insurance agents, and proprietors Real Estate and Mining Gazette, Main
Latimer, Taylor k Company, planing mill, South Temple
Leebes S & Company, cigars and tobacco, Mathewson's Block
Levy Samuel, manufacturer cigars and tobacco
Lewis George H, watch maker and jeweler, 92 Main
Liddell & Brown, groceries
Little F, broker
Lloyd J E, boots and shoes
Lollin John, liquor saloon
Lowe George A, wagons and wagon material
Lowell John W & Company, wagons and wagon material
MacNeagh, Franklin & Company, wholesale grocers, 23 Main
Maiben John B, soap manufacturer
Malloy T F & Co. livery stable
Malsh & Greenewald, proprietors Salt Lake House
Maltose S, confectionery
Mann H R, insurance agent, 99 Main
Manning John, real estate agent, and notary public, Second South
Margett Philip, liquor saloon
Margetts R B, brewery
Marshall & Royle, attorneys at law, Main
Matthewson W B, cigars and tobacco
Matthiesson N C, lumber dealer
McCarroll J, boot and shoe maker, Second South
McCutcheon John H, attorney at law, 24 Main
McDonald John Jr, confectionery, Main
McGie James, woolen goods
McGown Archie, sewing machine agent, 97 Kimball Block
McGregor C B, cigars and tobacco, 52 Main
McKean James B, attorney at law, 20 Federal C H
McKimmons M, livery stable. Main
McNally Thomas Y, attorney at law. Main
McVicker J, assayer
Meader J B, assayer
Meeks J, jeweler
Mendelsohn D, clothing, and dry goods
Meredith John B, grain dealer. South Temple
Meyer M, clothing, 65 Main
Miles W H & Company, broom makers
Miller E P & H M, sewing machine agents, 79 Kimball Block
Miller S & Company, musical instruments, 31 Main
Miller, Shelton & Fleming, book sellers, First South
Miller T E, sewing machine agent, 31 Main
Miller Thomas P, musical instruments
Miller W C & Company, groceries and provisions, 95 Kimball Block
Miller & Company, news dealers, and stationers
Miner A, attorney at law, and real estate agent
Mitchell & James, iron and tinsmiths, gas fitters, etc. West Temple
Moch John A, proprietor Moch House
Moore, Clements & Company, drugs and medicines, etc
Moran J, liquor saloon
Moritz Jacob & Company, brewery
Moritz M, bakery. Second South
Morrill J K, livery and sale stable. Theatre
Morris Brothers, general merchandise
Morris William T Sr. house and sign painter
Morris & Voorhees, livery stable, First South
Morton J H, mining engineer, and assayer
Myers A Rev, principal Morgan's College
Myers H, clothing
Nathan Samuel, clothing
Naylor Brothers, blacksmiths, and wagon makers
Nevada Lumber Association, near RR depot
Newbauer S, cigars and tobacco
Newman S, cigars and tobacco
Newton A Mrs, human hair
Newton S E, physician, Second South
Noland & Dinwoodey, restaurant
Nye C E Mrs, millinery
O'Neil & Company, blacksmiths
O'Reilly Thomas B & Company, dry goods. Second South
Omaha Smelting and Refining Company, Godbe's Building
Ordner Louis, beer saloon
Osell E, boots and shoes
Palmer A, mining and civil engineer
Parrott G & Son, cabinet makers
Patten Thomas C, groceries. First South
Patterson S N, liquor saloon, 52 Main
Payne James, boots and shoes. Second South
Perkins W A, drugs and medicines
Perley D W, attorney at law. First South
Peterson L J, proprietor Great Western Hotel
Pettit & Company, produce dealers
Pfoutz Ira, sewing machines, 13 East Temple
Phelps H E, dry goods
Pickard W L, hides, wool, leather and findings. Third South
Piranni Antonio, restaurant. Second South
Pitt W A, proprietor Overland House
Piatt Francis, harness and saddlery
Podlach A, proprietor White House Hotel
Ramzell S Mrs, millinery
Randall H J, livery stable. Second South
Ransohoff N S, wholesale wines and liquors
Raybould E L, groceries and provisions
Raybould W F, stationery, and varieties
Ray & Crawford, dentists, 50 Main
Read Samuel G, news agent
Reading John, florist and horticult. Second South
REAL ESTATE AND MINING GAZETTE, Lapham, Rood & Company, proprietors
Reedall & Darling, cracker manufactory
Reggel L, clothing, boots and shoes
Rehmbe P, liquor saloon, Wasatch Hotel
Rohmke Christian, liquor saloon
Reich Mrs & Son, proprietors Pacific House
Reid, Kinsey & Greeley, plumbing, lamps, etc, 140 Main
Reilly & Son, furniture and upholstery
Reinig Augustus, saddlery and harness
Riley & Company, upholstery goods, 144 Main
Rivers L W & Company, patent roofing, upholstery, etc
Roberts & Son, provisions and produce, Main
Robertson & McBride, attorneys at law
Rumel J H, millinery
Russell J, painter
Salisbury J M, liquor saloon, First South
Salt Lake City Iron Works
Salt Lake City National Bank of Utah, B M Du Rell, president, Joseph M Burkett, cashier
Salt Lake Gas Co
SALT LAKE HERALD. Herald printing and publishing Company, proprietors
SALT LAKE TRIBUNE, Tribune Publishing Company, proprietors
Samson Bros & Company, cigars and tobacco, Wasatch Hotel Building
Sander W C, harness and saddlery
Sanders H C Mrs, groceries and provisions
Sanders & Sprague, assayers
Sangiovanna & Wilton, wholesale liquors
Savage C K, photographer. Main
Schaufele William, liquor saloon
Schwartz W, dry goods, opp Post Office
Scott George M & Company, hardware, stoves, tinware, etc
Scrace & Dayer, bakery. Main
Sears S W, produce, 64 Main
Seebree Howard, wagons, and agricultural implements
Selby & Gunter, assayers, and mining engineers, Main
Sharkey R C, (estate of) stoves and tinware
Shelly W A & Company, wagon maker. State Road
Shipman & Blonger, liquor saloon. Main
Showell T, harness and saddlery
Showell William, liquor saloon, Second South
Siegel Brothers, clothing, Main
Sierra Nevada Lumber Association, S J Lynn, superintendent, doors, windows, water pipes, etc
Sloan John & Company, Salt Lake City Boiler Works
Smith A M, native wines, 45 First South
Smith Job, basket maker
Smith Job Mrs, millinery
Smith W O, fruits and varieties
Smith & Doremus, civil and mining engineers. Main
Smith & Harker, real estate agents. Main
Snelgrove Edward, boots and shoo*
Snell J J, hardware, and groceries
Snell J William, groceries, and coal
Solomon Brothers, manufacturers boots and shoes, West Temple
Southworth H L, hotel
Spaulding G W, attorney at law
Spicer Wells, mining engineer, Groesbeck Block
St Mary's Academy, First West
Stenberg O, painter, 26 Commercial
Stevens C M, auctioneer. Second South
Stevens & Company, books and stationery. Main
Stevenson C L, civil and mining engineer
Stout & Burmester, attorneys at law
Strickland F, attorney at law, 15 Federal C H
Stringfellow Brothers, real estate agents, Main
Sutherland & Bates, attorneys at law
Sutterly & Company, photographers
Swan _____, liquor saloon. Main
Swartz P, clothing and gents' furnishing
Swenson John, boots and shoes
Taggart Edwin, drugs and medicines, 117 Main
Taylor John & Bro, merchant tailors
Taylor Joseph E, undertaker
Taylor & Cutler, general merchandise, and hotel
Teasdel S P, general merchandise
Thompson I D, apothecary and physician
Thompson William P, restaurant. First South
Thomsen & Lynberg, fruits, vegetables, poultry and fish, 13 and 82 First South
Thurkell Charles, liquor saloon. First South
Tilford & Hagan, attorneys at law, First South
Toohy Dennis J, attorney at law
Townsend James, hotel
TRIBUNE PUBLISHING COMPANY, proprietors Salt Lake Tribune
Trowbridge C B, liquor saloon
Trumble I K, auctioneer. First South
Van S L & Company, real estate, 11 Mathieson's Block
Van Praag H A & Company, hides and wool
Wagener Henry, brewery, Second South
Wagner C H, oyster saloon, Main
Waigel Philip, bakery
Walker Brothers, bankers, and general merchandise
Walker Bros & Company, wines and liquors. Second South
Wallace Henry, confectionery. Main
Wallin & Tanner, saddlery, hardware, etc, Groosbeck Block
Walters Henry, boots and shoes
Walters & Brother, watches and jewelry, Main
Ward & Grant, liquor saloon
Wells D W, lumber dealer
Weed Sowing Machine Company, 13 Main
WELLS, FARGO & COMPANY, express, and banking, Main
Whedon D P, attorney at law
White Hugh & Company, forwarding and commission
White I, physician, 1 Groesbeck Block
White & McCormick, bankers. East Temple
Whittemore B F, general merchandise, and proprietor, R R Exchange Hotel
Wiggins E W, real estate agent. Main
Wilkinson W B Mrs, millinery. First South
Williamson J M, physician and apothecary
Woods & Appleby, attorneys at law. Main
Woods & Keaton, bakery. First South
Woolf M, cigars and tobacco
Woolf & Hyams, clothing, 03 Main
Workingmen's Cooperative Association, leather manufacturers, 87 Main
Workingmen's Cooperative Store, 87 Main
Yeomans Charles, liquor saloon. 111 Main
Young J W, sewing machine agent, 81 First South
Young J W Mrs, millinery, 81 First South
Young S B, physician. First East

Pacific Coast Business Directory | Utah Territory Index | Utah Gazetteer

Source: Pacific Coast Business Directory for 1876-78, Compiled by Henry G. Langley, San Francisco, 1875.


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