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Port Angeles
, merged into Democrat-Leader and later into Olympic-Leader.

Leader, merged into Democrat-Leader and later into Olympic-Leader.

Model Commonwealth. In May, 1887, under the leadership of George Venable Smith, a Seattle lawyer, the Puget Sound Cooperative Colony was incorporated and lands were secured at Port Angeles. Among the enterprises undertaken was the newspaper known as the Model Commonwealth, of which Mrs. Laura E. Hall was editor. (Edmond S. Meany, History of Washington, page 321.) On November 18, 1887, the paper appeared in deep mourning in memory of the executed anarchists. Venier Vando's name appeared as editor on March 30, 1888, and E. B. Mastic was listed as business manager. Albert E. Sanderson and M. C. Dwight withdrew on account of the rigid censorship of the colony trustees. (Edwin N. Fuller, in Washington Press Association Proceedings, 1887-1890, page 85.) The colony went into the hands of a receiver in 1895.

Olympic, merged into the Olympic-Leader.

Olympic-Leader. E. B. Webster says the first of this combination paper was founded in 1881. A. J. Crosser, of Port Angeles, former publisher of the Democrat-Leader, has the early files. The Olympic was founded in 1904 and in May of that year was merged, the product being known as Olympic-Leader. In the office of that paper are files from 1901.

Times. A weekly paper by this name at Port Angeles was listed in Lord & Thomas Newspaper Directory for 1890.


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