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Newspapers of Washington Territory

As the Americans began that march across the continent, that westward movement, which developed into the greatest colonizing experience of modern history, the newspaper not only helped to point the way but also sent out numerous brave children to help in the struggle and to encourage the pioneer home builders, keeping pace with the frontier as soon as the new homes clustered into village or town.

As Washington Territory was one of the last of the American frontiers, it is natural that the frontier newspaper service should be found here in the fullness of flower in the two-score years from 1850 to 1890. Some men live longer and serve their fellows longer than do others. So has it been with the newspapers. Every publisher who launched a new paper had hope and ambition for his enterprise. Some of those papers were pitifully young at the time of their deaths or absorption by a stronger rival. Still it is comforting to believe that, in the surging of the great human tide, each of them rendered service during its day, be that day brief or long. Read more......

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Source: Washington Historical Quarterly, Volume 13-14, 1923

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