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Skagit County Newspapers

, founded in April, 1890, by Douglass Allmond and F. H. Boynton. The History of Skagit and Snohomish Counties says Allmond was sole proprietor after August 12, 1892, until he sold out to Frederick Ornes in the spring of 1902. Frank Barnett obtained the paper on January 1, 1904. Republican.

Northwest Enterprise, begun by Alf. D. Bowen and F. M. Walsh on March 25, 1882, to boom a proposed town on Ship Harbor. In January, 1883, the paper passed to its chief patron, Amos Bowman, who placed George Riggins in charge. The last issue appeared on February 20, 1887. (Edward N. Fuller, in Washington Press Association Proceedings 1887-1890, page 85.)

Progress, begun on August 3, 1889, by C. F. Mitchell. Both daily and weekly issues were published. In April, 1890, the daily was sold to W. H. McEwen, Mr. Mitchell continuing the weekly. Both were suspended on January 22, 1892. For a short time J. B. Fithian published the Anacortes Courier as a successor of the Progress and for a short period also C. F. Mitchell re-entered the field with the Anacortes News. (History of Skagit and Snohomish Counties, page 432.)

Washington Farmer
, see North Yakima Washington Farmer. The name of Gibraltar has been changed to Dewey.

, established as the Skagit County Logger on May 23, 1889, by W. H. Willis and B. J. Baker, who used an old army press for the printing. The paper was independent but became Republican in July, 1890, when it passed into the hands of Edward Suiter and H. C. Parliament. On August 8, 1890, the name was changed to Hamilton Herald. It became a Populist paper in 1896 "and in that year expired." (History of Skagit and Snohomish Counties, page 431.)

La Conner
Puget Sound Mail
, founded in Whatcom (now Bellingham) as the Bellingham Bay Mail on July 5, 1873, by James A. Power as editor and Publisher. Mr. Power moved his paper to La Conner and on September 13, 1873, it appeared under the name, Puget Sound Mail. In April, 1884, Walsh & Riggins leased the paper, Riggins retiring in a short time. On October 1, 1885, Mr. Power sold out to the Mail Publishing Company. Henry McBride and R. O. Welts continued as editor and manager until February, 1887, when the stock of the company passed to Leroy Carter and June Henderson. Four years later, Henderson retired and George Knapp, son of the Governor of Alaska, succeeded him. A. J. Morrow succeeded, Knapp in October, 1892, taking charge of the mechanical department. He sold his interest in May, 1901, to W. A. Carlson. (History of Skagit and Snohomish Counties, page 426.) In 1889, Charles Prosch made this comment: "Some ten years after its birth, Mr. Power retired from the field with quite a plethoric purse, acquired through careful management, coupled with industry and economy." (Washington Press Association Proceedings 1887-1890, page 37.) Partial files of the paper are in the Seattle Public Library.

Mount Vernon
Skagit News
, established on March 4, 1884, by William C. Ewing, son of General Ewing of New York. Clothier & English, pioneer merchants, loaned him a room over their store to be used as the printing office. In other ways the merchants assisted the new enterprise. On September 29, 1885, the paper passed into the hands of G. E. Hartson, pioneer and school superintendent. The paper was enlarged and moved into a building of its own on Main Street. In 1897, the paper changed its name to News-Herald, when it absorbed the Skagit Valley Herald, which had been published for some time m Mount Vernon by Ed. C. Suiter. Mr. Hartson remained proprietor of the consolidated paper and on September 15, 3902, his son, Ralph C. Hartson, became editor and manager. (History of Skagit and Snohomish Counties, pages 427-428.) The paper was listed as Republican. (Lord & Thomas Newspaper Directory, for 1890.) Complete files are retained in the office of the publication.


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