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Snohomish County Newspapers

, established in 1888 at Stanwood with the name of Stillaguamish Times. The first publisher was George Morrill. In 1890, the paper was moved to Haller City (C. H. Packard, in the Arlington Times, September 6, 1913.) Haller City was named in 1888 by G. Morris Haller in honor of his father Colonel Granville O. Haller. "A few years later Earl and McLeod, railroad contractors, purchased forty acres and gave to it the name of Arlington." (History of Skagit and Snohomish Counties, pages 359-362.)

published in the early days by C. W. Gorham of Snohomish City. Thus far no files have been located.

Haller City
Stillaguamish Times, see Arlington Times.





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