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Okanogan Outlook
, during a lively interest in the Salmon River Mining District, W. B. McDougal began the publication of a Republican six-page folio paper, two pages of home print and two pages "patent". In one year he sold out to E. W. Lee, a merchant, and J. W. Romaine, a lawyer. At the end of six months they sold to H. W. Thompson. On August 30, 1892, the plant was burned. A new plant was secured but there followed the depression of silver and a season of hard times. The plant was destroyed by flood on May 27, 1894. Another equipment was secured and the paper resumed publication on July 14. It was difficult to get print paper with regularity and wrapping paper was often used instead. The paper suspended in 1898. (History of North Washington, page 841.)

, reported as being published on November 1, 1890, by Dr. C. F. Webb and A. H. Alford. It was then a six-column folio, all home print and sold for $2.50 a year. Advertising was rated at $2 per inch per month. In June, 1891, the Ruby Publishing Company became publisher with Mr. Alford as editor. On September 2, 1891, George J. Hurley became editor. Three years later the mines closed down and the paper suspended. {History of North Washington, pages 846-847.


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