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 Garfield County Newspapers

, established on October 5, 1888, by E. S. Crane. It was an independent weekly using "patent" insides. (Lord & Thomas Newspaper Directory, for 1890.)

Spirit. In June, 1880, the citizens raised a fund of $1,000 with which to start a paper to combat the pretensions of the town's rival, Pomeroy, situated only three miles away. On June 25, 1881, the Spirit appeared, a six-column folio, printed at home, Republican in politics, and edited by G. C. W. Hammond. Dr. T. S. Denison and Charles Wilkins bought the paper on February 4, 1882. In October, 1883, the plant was sold and moved to Asotin and a year later the name was changed from Spirit to Sentinel. (History of Southeastern Washington, page 817.)

East Washingtonian. The Washington Territorial Legislature established Garfield County by an act dated November 29, 1881. That necessitated the selection of a county seat and the election of a complete set of officers. Pomeroy, being ambitious, realized that another newspaper would advance their hopes. Promptly, on December 10, 1881, the Republican, a four-column folio, made its appearance with T. C. Frary and E. T. Wilson as publishers, the paper being issued from the plant of the Washington Independent, which had been published in Pomeroy for a little more than a year. After the election, the Republican suspended until it could get a plant of its own. On March 4, 1882, it started anew as Volume I, number 1, with E. T. Wilson as sole proprietor. The venture was not very profitable, judging from the frequent changes in ownership. In May, 1882, F. M. McCully bought a half interest and Harry St. George became proprietor in January, 1883. Swift changes then followed: Dr. L. C. Cox, on July 21, 1883; J. B. Lister, August, 1883; Pomeroy Publishing Company, March 22, 1884.

On July 26, 1884, W. L. Lister, F. H. Washburn and E. H. King organized the firm of Lister, Washburn & King, secured the paper and changed its name to East Washingtonian. Mr. Washburn withdrew from the firm on August 23, 1884, and Mr. King, on October 25, 1884, leaving Mr. Lister as sole proprietor. He sold out on September 7, 1889, to E. AI. Pomeroy, who continued the publication through the period of transition to statehood, Peter McClung becoming proprietor in 1893. Complete files are in the office of publication. Partial files are in the University of Washington Library. (History of Southeastern Washington, pages 817-818.)

Republican, see East Washingtonian.

Times, founded in May, 1886, by Alf. D. Bowen, a member of the Legislature from Pacific County, who brought his printing plant with him. One of his objects was to fight local option and prohibition and after the election he sold out to his foreman, Henry Bowmer. The paper was increased to eight columns and in December, 1886, it became Democratic in politics when A. J. Thomsen secured a half interest. He later became sole proprietor but in July, 1887, he sold to J. V. Hamilton. The paper suspended and the plant was moved to, Garfield, as three papers were thought to be too many for Pomeroy. (History of Southeastern Washington, page 819.) No files have been located.

Washington Independent, was first issued on August 12, 1880, by Rev. F. W. D. Mays, a man of interesting personality. He was a soldier in the Confederate Army and in 1870 became a minster in the Methodist Episcopal Church South. In 1873, he was transferred to the Columbia Conference of the same church. Charles Prosch, in reporting that Mr. Mays was still editor and proprietor of his paper in 1889, said of him, "who manages by the exercise of economy to keep the wolf from the door." (In Washington Press Association Proceedings, 1887-1890, page 40.) The paper was Democratic and also supported the People's Party. The plant was destroyed by fire on July 18, 1900, with a loss of $3500 and no insurance. It suspended publication until March, 1901. (History of Southeastern Washington, page 817.) No files have been reported.

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Source: Washington Historical Quarterly, Volume 13-14, 1923

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