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 Cowlitz County Newspapers

Cowlitz Advocate,
established on July 10, 1886, by E. H. Flagg. Republican.

"issued first in May, 1870, was owned and controlled by the Northern Pacific railroad company, and published in its interest. It was suspended when the railroad work was temporarily discontinued in Washington Territory." (Hubert Howe Bancroft, Washington, Idaho and Montana, page 379.) The Seattle Intelligencer for August 9, 1873, said: "The Kalama Beaton announces that that office will be removed to Tacoma as soon as accommodations can be arranged at that place and a weekly journal, The Northern Pacific Head-Light, published. Bring in some ipecac." C. B. Bagley says the Beacon was moved to Tacoma but it soon died. ("Pioneer Papers of Puget Sound," in The Quarterly of the Oregon Historical Society, Volume IV, page 382.)

Bulletin, the Cowlitz Bulletin was established on March 15, 1889, by Imus Brothers. (Edwin N. Fuller, in Washington Press Association Proceedings, 1887-1890, page 88.) Files for 1913 and 1915 are in the State Library at Olympia.

, established on September 28, 1888, by Arthur Gunn. (Edwin N. Fuller, in Washington Press Association Proceedings, 1887-1890, page 86.)


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Source: Washington Historical Quarterly, Volume 13-14, 1923

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