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Stevens County Newspapers

Stevens County Sun
, the first paper published in this county, made its initial appearance in July, 1885. J. W. Young, the publisher was a miner and devoted most of his time to prospecting. A few issues of his paper appeared at irregular intervals. (History of North Washington, page 840.)

Republican, established in 1890 by E. L. Jameson and Emmet Clark. Later J. H. Young acquired the paper and merged it with the Stevens County Miner under the name of Index.

Stevens County Miner, established by John B. Slater on October 5, 1885, as a six-column, Democratic weekly. He had purchased part of his equipment at Walla Walla. While transporting to Colville, the wagon overturned at the crossing of Blue Creek and the printing outfit was ruined. When the paper appeared, the first fifty copies sold for fifty cents each. In 1889, Mr. Slater sold out to W. H. Kearney and G. R. Epherson who changed it to a Republican organ. Later George M. Welty acquired it and put it back in the Democratic column. Mr. Slater resumed control in 1890 and a year later sold the paper to Cole & Bronson. They did not succeed and in 1893 the paper passed by sheriff's sale to J. H. Young who combined it with the Republican under the name of Index. In 1895, Mr. Young sold to John James Graves, who, a year later sold to John L. Metcalfe. James E. Picknell was then editor. In September, 1896, W. D. Allen bought the paper and merged it with the. Springdale Statesman under the name of Statesman-Index. (History of North Washington, pages 840-841.)

Stevens County Recorder, established in 1886 by a man named De Land, as a Republican paper, "but it became embroiled in a political misunderstanding and after a short but feverish life of two months it fell under the wheels and its life was crushed out." (History of North Washington, page 841.)

Stevens County Reporter, established on July 3, 1885, by Van Loon & Co. (Edwin N. Fuller in Washington Press Association Proceedings, 1887-1890, page 84.)

Stevens County Standard, established in 1890, by Eber C. Smith, as an Independent Republican paper. It continued for several years. (History of North Washington, page 841.)

Kettle Falls
, established in 1890 by Penrose & Burnett. For a time a daily was issued. F. W. Sherman leased the property but soon gave it up and ran a campaign sheet called Reveille. The Pioneer continued for several years. {History of North Washington, page 842.)


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Source: Washington Historical Quarterly, Volume 13-14, 1923

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