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Kittitas County Newspapers

, founded by Col. A. N. Hamilton on October 15, 1887. A file from the beginning of publication to date is in the Carnegie Library of Ellensburg.

Localizer, established on July 12, 1883, by Stone & Adams. In 1889, D. R. Schnebly was the publisher. Charles Prosch wrote on August 14 of that year: "On July 4 last, the office and contents were destroyed by fire. Two days later the editor issued a small sheet. A new plant was ordered. Three years ago the journal experienced a temporary check by the freezing over of the Columbia River. Save on these two occasions there has been no interruption to the growth of the Localizer. Mr. Schnebly publicity acknowledged his obligations to Colonel A. N. Hamilton, of the Capital, who promptly and generously placed type and presses at his disposal and thus enabled him to issue the small sheet above referred to." (Washington Press Association Proceedings, 1887-1890, page 42.)

Kittitas Standard established on June 6, 1883, by Richard V. Chadd. Volume III, Number 17, October 3, 1885, bears the imprint of H. C. Walters and C. A. Leup as lessees. (Edwin N. Fuller in Washington Press Association Proceedings, 1887-1890, page 81.)

New Era, listed as a weekly by Polk's Puget Sound Directory for 1888.

State Register, the Washington State Register appeared on May 24, 1889, succeeding the New Bra, with S. T. Sterling as editor. On June 16, 1889, it commenced publishing a daily afterwards discontinued. (Edwin N. Fuller, in Washington Press Association Proceedings, 1887-1890, page 86.)


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