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By W. D. Barge

In reading the various books containing information of our State, it was noticed that the names of many of the towns had been changed, and that some of the towns had ceased to exist. Many of them were mere town sites, and others were towns under the township organization law. The following is a copy of my list of the changes.


The list is not complete. It contains errors, the great majority of which are due to the faulty printing of the State edition of our statutes.


It is hoped that the list will be of service to those who want to know something more of our State:


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Old Name County New Name
S Towns
St. Louis Pike, vacated 1855 .
Salu Madison Upper Alton
Sangamontown Sangamon, vacated, 1845 .
Sarahsville Pope Golconda
Saratoga Union Western Saratoga
Savannah Iroquois, vacated 1839 .
Savannah Warren Cold Brook
Selma Wabash Mt. Carmel
Sewardsville McDonough, vacated 1847 .
Shepherdstown Vermilion, vacated 1840 .
Sheridan McDonough Goodhope
Sherman Bureau Depue
South Middleport Iroquois Watseka
South Pass Union Cobden
South Peoria Peoria In Peoria
Stephenson Rock Island Rock Island
Steuben Randolph Shiloh Hill
Sumner McHenry, vacated .
Sutton Hancock Bentley
T Towns
Tazewell Woodford Spring Bay
Thatcher Cook River Forest
Tioga City Hancock In Warsaw
Trenton Bureau Sherman
U Towns
Uniontown Woodford Mantua, Washburn
Urbana St. Clair Freiburg
V Towns
Velasco Pike, vacated  
Venus Hancock, vacated 1835  
Victoria White Phillipstown
Vienna Fulton Astoria
W Towns
Walnut Grove Knox With Lapier to form Altona
Wapello JoDaviess Hanover
Washington Fulton, vacated 1840  
Washington Heights Cook In Chicago
West Peoria Peoria In Peoria

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Source: Publication Number Seventeen Of The Illinois State Historical Library Transactions Of The Illinois State Historical Society, For The Year 1912 May 23 and 24, 1912, 1914


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