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By W. D. Barge

In reading the various books containing information of our State, it was noticed that the names of many of the towns had been changed, and that some of the towns had ceased to exist. Many of them were mere town sites, and others were towns under the township organization law. The following is a copy of my list of the changes.


The list is not complete. It contains errors, the great majority of which are due to the faulty printing of the State edition of our statutes.


It is hoped that the list will be of service to those who want to know something more of our State:


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Old Name County New Name
L Towns
LaGrange Brown, vacated 1845 .
Lake View Cook Annexed to Chicago.
Lancaster Henderson, vacated .
Lancaster Henry, vacated, 1841 .
Lane Ogle Rochelle
Lapier Knox With Walnut Grove to form Altona
Laurel Hill Fulton Table Grove
Lawndale Cook In Chicago
Leesburg Montgomery Zanesville
Liberty Morgan, vacated 1845 .
Liberty Randolph Rockwood
Little Fort Lake Waukegan
Littleville McLean, vacated 1853 .
Livingston Bureau, part vacated Balance annexed to Dover
Lodi Kane Maple Park
Lower Guilford Calhoun, vacated 1853  
Lysander Winnebago  Pecatonica
M Towns
Macedonia Hancock Webster
Mantua Woodford Washburn
Mechanicsburg St. Clair Mascoutah
Melrose Clark Melrose Park
Middletown Hamilton, vacated .
Middletown McDonough Young
Middletown Marion Iuka
Middletown Will, vacated .
Midway Edgar Kansas
Milton Coles Humboldt
Mt. Pleasant DeWitt Farmer City
Munroeville Henry, vacated 1865 .
N Towns
New Albany Coles Camargo
Newburgb Macoupin Cummington
New Bremen Hamilton, vacated .
New Hartford Macoupin, vacated .
New Lexington Morgan Arcadia
New Liberty Jasper Liberty Hill
New Quebec Rock Island, vacated 1845 .....
 New Rutland LaSalle Rutland
New Salem Edwards West Salem
New Swansea St. Clair Swansea
Ninewa LaSalle In Peru
North Bloomington McLean Normal
North Dixon Lee In Dixon
North Kankakee Kankakee With Bradley City to form Bradley.
Norwood Park Cook In Chicago
Noyesville Cook Formerly Oak Ridge, Harlem, now Oak Park.
O Towns
Oak Ridge Cook Noyesville, Harlem now Oak Park
Ogle Station Lee Ashton
Old Caledonia Pulaski, vacated 1861 .
Oneida McLean, vacated 1855 .
Oporto Lee, vacated 1853 now in Dixon.
Osceola Stark, vacated 1855 .
P Towns
Pecatonica Winnebago Rockton
Peru McLean, vacated 1839 .
Peru Union, vacated 1857 .
Pittsburgh Jersey, vacated, 1853 .
Pleasantville Fulton Ipava
Port Clinton Lake Highland Park
Portland Cook Blue Island
Postville Logan In Lincoln
Prospect City Ford Paxton
R Towns
Rand Cook Des Plaines
Randall Knox East Galesburg
Randolph Jersey, vacated 1853 .
Rantoul Marion Alma
Rapids City Whiteside, vacated .
Ravenswood Cook In Chicago
Reedfield Pike, vacated 1843 .
Richmond Washington Richview
Ridgeville Cook Evanston
Rienzi Sangamon, vacated 1851 .
Rock Island City Rock Island, vacated 1843 .
Rogers Park Cook Annexed to Chicago
Romeo Will, vacated 1845 .
Rushton Schuyler Rushville

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Source: Publication Number Seventeen Of The Illinois State Historical Library Transactions Of The Illinois State Historical Society, For The Year 1912 May 23 and 24, 1912, 1914


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