Pacific Coast Business Directory

Utah Territory Mills - Flour - Saw

Arranged Alphabetically by Business and Towns. Where there are two or more localities of the same name, The county is added.

Flour Mills

Mills in the Territory.]
Adams, Auza, American Fork
Barton, William Co., Beaver
Stoker, John Co., Bountiful
Butterbaugh, Toponce Howe Corinne
Thorpe, Thomas, Ephraim
Willardson & Co., Ephraim
Cheney, Elan, Fair View
Clements, D. S., Fair View
Hess, J. W. Co., Farmington
Steed, Henry & Co., Farmington
Steed, Thomas, Farmington
Metcalf, I. E., Fayette
Bartholomew, N. W., Fillmore City
Lyman Robinson, Fillmore City
Oldfield, ____, Glen wood
Benson & Thatcher, Logan
Ricks, T. E., Logan
Billing & Jolley, Manti
Christaffersen, S. H., Manti
Chrisman, Charles, Mill Creek
Gordon, J. & Sons, Mill Creek
Miller, R. & Sons, Mill Creek
Hollingshead, N. H., Minersville
Bertelson, Andrew, Monroe
Clark, E. T., Morgan
Fisher, F., Mount Pleasant
Fowles, Edward, Mount Pleasant
Honrie, S. & J., Panguitch
Clairson, C. N., Paper Mill
Robinson. J. R. Co., Paragoonah
Calkins, Asa (estate of), Pine Valley
Gardner, William, Pine Valley
Adamson, David, Pleasant Grove
Tanner & Hoover, Provo
Hendricks, W. D, Richmond
Taggart, G. W., Morgan Co., Richville
Foote, E. S., Tooele Co., Richville
Miller & Son, South Cottonwood
Foote, E. S., Toole
Hilton & Wright, Virginia City
Young, E. R. & Son, Wanship
Hill, D. & B., Wellsville
Gardner, Archibald, West Jordan

Saw Mills

Ellsworth, Edmund, Alma
Robinson, Joseph, American Fork
Copeland, W., Beaver
House, Hiram, Corinne
Edwards, S., Croydon
Terry. O. L., Fair View
Robinson & Warner, Fillmore City
Jewkes, Samuel Co., Fountain Green
Kearns, H. H., Gunnison
Benson & Thatcher, Logan
Cowley Brothers, Logan
Peterson & Sons, Logan
Cox, W. F., Manti
Niles & Burbank, Monroe
Robinson, George D., Monroe
Eddington, William. Morgan
Elder, Claiborne, Mountain Doll
Johnson Brothers, Panguitch
Durst, C. B., Peterson
Gilberson, Lyon & Co., Peterson
Burgess, Samuel J., Pine Valley
Burgess, William & Son, Pine Valley
Gardner, William, Pine Valley
Whipple, Eli, Pine Valley
Farrell, William, Porterville
Young, Joseph A., Richfield
Hollinger, J. G., Saint John
Curtis, Lyman, Salem
Reed, Calvin, Salem
Shields, John F., Salem
Co-operative Lumber Mill, Smithfield
Thomas, Harrison A., Smithfield
Allrea Brothers, Spring City
McDougal, Hugh Co., Spring City
Conner, P. E., Stockton
Gardner, George B., Virgin City
Nuttall, William E. Co., Wallsburgh
Snyder & Alexander, Wanship
Hill. D. & A. B., Wellsville
Gardner, Archibald, West Jordan

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Source: Pacific Coast Business Directory for 1876-78, Compiled by Henry G. Langley, San Francisco, 1875.


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