Pacific Coast Business Directory

State of Oregon - Independence, Polk County to  Louse Creek, Jackson County

Independence, Polk County, PO 9 miles south east of Dallas
Baxter C Mrs., hotel
Bolt T W, general merchandise
Butler & Clagget, warehouse
Coy D G, general merchandise
Davidson J E, physician
Demming H & Son, shoe makers
Emit D W, shoe maker
Hodgin William L, postmaster
Johnson P T, liquor saloon
Markley D, blacksmith
Markley H H, liquor saloon
McCord & Smith, general merchandise
Nordyke & Cooper, wagon makers
Orondoff J, lumber manufacturer
Rase W, butcher
Richardson J W, wagon maker
Richardson W C, carpenter
Rosendorff M & Company general merchandise
Sloper & Son, lumber manufacturers
Vanduyn I, general merchandise
Walling & Spaulding, blacksmiths
Whitall W C, druggist
Wolf A, general merchandise

Iowa Slough, Coos County, PO
Nosier R W, postmaster

Island City, Union County, PO 3 miles north east of La Grande
Anderson S, hotel
Bussey & Jones, blacksmiths
Caviness & Sterling, flour manufacturers
Goodnough A E, teacher
Goodnough Charles, general merchandise
Scranton J S, carpenter
Sterling M, postmaster

Isthmus, Coos County, (See Utter City)

Jackson County

Jacksonville, Jackson County

Jefferson, Marion County, PO 19 miles south of Salem, is a prosperous town of 200 inhabitants, on the Oregon and California Railroad, doing a fair business, and aspiring to become a manufacturing center. Besides stores and business houses, it contains four church organizations, two church buildings, the Jefferson Institute, an incorporated institution which affords free education, Masonic Hall and lodges of Masons. Odd Fellows, and Good Templars.
Bellinger John H, lumber manufacturer
Corbitt & Macleay, flour manufacturers
Florer & Brazee, shoo makers
Jellison William, painter
Johnson S T, agent Wells, Fargo & Co
Longsworth B N Rev, clergyman (Meth)
Motzler John, chair manufacturer
Mosher I Rev, clergyman
Parrish E E, hotel
Roland Charles B, postmaster
Royce J F, president Jefferson Institute
Smith Absalom, lumber manufacturer
Smith William H, physician
Stinson A L, president and agent Beaver Hosiery Manufacturing Co
Thomas E N, general merchandise, and warehouse
Van Buren B H, blacksmith
Van Buren & Harren, blacksmiths.
Vaughn Eli, wagon maker.
Walters Ralph, hotel
West F B, drugs, medicines, books, and stationery

Jewell, Clatsop County, PO
Kirkpatrick William H, postmaster

John Day City, Grant County, PO address, Canon City, 2 miles north of Canon City
Buettner Henry, blacksmith
Hazeltine G I, photographer
Kelley W H, fancy goods
McCollum &. Norman, flour manufacturers
Mosier E, blacksmith
Trowbridge B C, hotel

Joppa, Washington County, PO
Webster F W, postmaster

Jordan, Linn County, PO 26 miles east of Albany
Forgery Elias, postmaster
Privett W R, teacher

Jordan Valley, Baker County, PO 180 miles south of Baker City
Baxter John R, postmaster
Butler A F, blacksmith
Castle S J, wagon maker
Goodrich A C, attorney at law
Gordon P S, lumber manufacturer
Hill M, butcher
Tacy G, carpenter and builder

Josephine County

Jump Off Jo, Jackson County, PO address, Leland, Josephine County, 35 miles north west of Jacksonville
Emeric Joseph, blacksmith
Neeley James, lumber manufacturer
Sexton David H, hotel

Junction City, (formerly Lancaster) Lane County, PO 15 miles north of Salem, on the west bank of the Willamette, and on the Oregon and California Railroad. The surveys of the Oregon Central Railroad are made to this point, where it is expected to make a junction with the Oregon and California. It is a thrifty town, and is surrounded by a good farming community.
Berry J H, restaurant
Brasfield James W, postmaster
Brasfield, Smith & Company general merchandise, and warehouse
Craw G F, agent Wells, Fargo & Co
Gilmore Nathanial, hotel
Kirk W A, harness and saddlery
Kiter T, liquor saloon
Kreatz John C. shoe maker
Lee Brothers, drugs and medicines
Lee H, physician
Newcomb & Farley, blacksmiths
Roach B H, drugs and medicines
Salomon Louis, general merchandise
Schwartz Jacob, shoe maker
Smeltzer W, butcher
Sternberg & Sendeys, general merchandise

Kilchis, Tillamook County, PO 8 miles north of Tillamook
Stilwell William D, postmaster
Vaughn W N, cooper

King's Valley, Benton County, PO 15 miles north west of Corvallis
Chambers James, attorney at law
Chambers &. Company flour manufacturers
Clifford Paul, general merchandise
Connor & Crosno, general merchandise
Crosno Charles B, postmaster
Newman & Son, blacksmiths
Stone H M, blacksmith

Kirbyville, Josephine County, PO and County seat, two hundred and fifty miles south west of Salem, is on the east side of the Illinois River, In the small but fertile valley of that name, and enjoys some trade with the surrounding mining camps. The locality is difficult of access, being surrounded by high and rugged mountains ; but the scenery is romantic and attractive; the native wealth of the county is of the grandest character; and to await Its development the people are willing to remain shut out from the great world,. in confidence of future prosperity.
Naucke William, general merchandise
Rider M, hotel
Sawyer Samuel M postmaster, and general merchandise
Sifers James B, flour manufacturer

Knappa, Clatsop County, P 13 miles east of Astoria
Brown H R, salmon fishery
Falkinburg William, salmon fishery
Knapp A, Jr, postmaster, lumber manufacturer, and general merchandise
Oliver Samuel, salmon fishery

La Grande, Union County

Lafayette, Yamhill County

Lake County

Lakeport, Lake County. (see Morgansville)

Lancaster, Lane County. (see Junction City)

Lane County

Langell's Valley, Lake County, 40 miles south east of Linkville
Fulkerson John T, postmaster
Langell A, blacksmith

Lawn Arbor, Polk County, 18 miles north west of Dallas
Fairgrieve George, liquors, and general merchandise

Lebanon, Linn County, PO 12 miles south east of Albany
Baker B H, liquor saloon
Ballard & Foley, physicians
Ballard & McKnight, drugs and medicines
Clark ____ Rev, clergyman
Claughton Samuel H, postmaster, and general merchandise
Cowan J L, general merchandise
Donaca W B, livery stable
Dunham A, tinsmith
Elkins Bros, flour manufacturers
Ervin A, shoe maker
Ervin E, carpenter
Gilmore J T, blacksmith
Harbin John, blacksmith
Jacquist John P, blacksmith
Montague &, McCaulley, general merchandise
Mossholder J C, gunsmith
Nickerson L M Rev, teacher
Nickerson S A, sash and door manufacturer
Ridgeway & Compton, butchers
Hitter & Howe, cabinet makers
Settle John, harness and saddlery
Simmons James, general merchandise
Wheeler Mary Mrs., milliner

Lee's Encampment, Umatilla County, PO address, Cayuse, 30 miles south of Pendleton
Foster F A, hotel

Leland, Josephine County, PO 42 miles north west of Kirbyville
Harkness Samuel, postmaster, hotel, and general merchandise.
Hopkins James A, blacksmith

Lena, Umatilla County, PO 42 miles south west of Pendleton.
Hinton Charles E, postmaster, and blacksmith
Vanernam William, lumber manufacturer

Lewisville, Polk County, PO 10 miles south of Dallas
Allen I, general merchandise
Campbell William C, wagon maker
Lewis D W, blacksmith
O'Kelley William N, blacksmith
Wing Abraham, postmaster
Wing Bros, general merchandise

Lexington, Clatsop County, (See Skipanon)

Lincoln, Polk County, 16 miles north east of Dallas
Abrams Lewis, postmaster
Abrams & Company warehouse, and general merchandise
Jackson James, butcher

Linkville, Lake County, PO and County seat, is on Link River, a stream of only a mile and a half in length, connecting the Upper and Lower Klamath lakes. The stream is a short rapid between the two lakes, and, in the short distance it runs, has a fall of 83 feet, affording an invaluable waterpower, promising in the future to be the center of important milling and manufacturing enterprises. The Land Office for the district of southeastern Oregon is located at this point.
Dick & Blair, liquor saloon
Forsythe William, blacksmith
Gordon Daniel, lumber manufacturer
Nurse George, postmaster, and hotel
Nurse & Miller, general merchandise

Linn County

Little Elk, Benton County, PO 37 miles north west of Corvallis.
Baber H E, postmaster
Brannan Thomas, teacher
Eddy Israel F, flour manufacturer
Galloway John T, cooper
Hays A J, gunsmith
Hunt Levi, blacksmith
Porter A J, carpenter
Wilcox J, blacksmith

Long Tom, Lane County, PO 12 miles west of Eugene City
Elimaker B, blacksmith
Huston Henry C, postmaster

Looking Glass, Douglas County, PO 8½ miles west of Roseburg
Brown J, hotel
Bull L Rev, clergyman
Chapel Henry, liquor saloon
Coston A S Rev, clergyman
Cranfill I, cabinet maker, clergyman, and teacher
Cranfill Olive, teacher
Cranfill R, carpenter
Good Frank, flour manufacturer
Hirschfold F, postmaster
Hirschfold F & Company general merchandise
Keys E J, carpenter, and millwright
Marks S & Company general merchandise
Pilkington W, blacksmith
Todd A L Rev, clergyman
Tompkins E W, manufacturer washing machines
Waters Henry, blacksmith

Lost River, Lake County PO
Horton W H, postmaster

Louse Creek, Jackson County, PO address, Grant's Pass, 31 miles north west of Jacksonville
Kahler William, hotel, and blacksmith

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Source: Pacific Coast Business Directory for 1876-78, Compiled by Henry G. Langley, San Francisco, 1875.


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