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Montana Counties

Montana is bounded by British America on the north, Dakota on the east. Wyoming and Idaho on the south and Idaho on the west. It is nearly rectangular in shape, embraces an area of about 144,000 square miles, and is about three times as large as the State of Kew York. The name is pretty, suggestive and not inappropriate, as for a great distance its western boundary is the axis of the Coeur d'Alene or Pointed Heart range, a white line on the zig-zag of the mountains' crest, in the regions of perpetual snow. Farther eastward *the main range of the rocky Mountains, rising in colossal grandeur, tends diagonally to the northwest across the Territory, while between these two distinct ranges, and far eastward from the latter, the country is diversified by a system of subordinate, transverse and parallel ranges, enclosing the most beautiful valleys.

Available Here

List of Pioneers, During the Years 1907-8-9
Overland Trail
Persons in Montana during the winter of 1862-3
Bannack City and Vicinity (Dakotah Territory)
Females at Bannack
Big Hole Bridge (Dakotah Territory)
Deer Lodge Valley (Washington Territory)
Citizens of Fort Benton, 1862-3
White Persons, Missoula County (Washington Territory)
Spanish-American War Tablet

First Regiment Montana Volunteer (Death Index)
Montana Pioneers Death Index 1910-1916

Online Resources

Bancroft Works, History of Washington, Idaho and Montana
Montana Territorial Appointments 1864-1888
Battle of the Little Bighorn
Montana Territory
Early Montana Trails
Yellowstone Expedition

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