Pacific Coast Business Directory

Washington Territory - Business Directory

[See Colleges and Academies.]

Agricultural Implements
[See also Merchants General.]
O'Bryant, H. P. Guemas
Fitzgerald, E. P. Walla Walla

[See Drugs and Medicines.]

Palmer, Isaac A., Seattle
Sidgemore, Joseph. Seattle
Gridley, H. H., Vancouver

[See also Bankers.]
Kelly. J. G., Seattle

Attorneys at Law

Hoffman Tuite, Olympia
Clinger, J. G., Port Townsend
McDonald, S. P., Vancouver
Whitman, E. B., Walla Walla

Opperman, J. A., Dayton
Parker, R. A., Olympia
Eisenbeis, Charles, Port Townsend
Meydenbauer, William, Seattle
Reinig, Leonard, Seattle
Eisenbeis, Frederick, Steilacoom
Stevens, William C., Vancouver
Brechtel, O., Walla Walla
Garracht & Hoffman, Walla Walla

Ring, E., Dayton
Barnes, G. A., Olympia

[See Hairdressers.]

Barrel Manufacturers
Oregon Trading Co., Knappton

Billiard Saloons
Jackson, T. J., Blakeley
Baker Dickinson, Olympia
Burmrister, Charles, Olympia
Pray, James B., Olympia
Anderson & Osborne, Seattle
Clancy. William, Seattle
Dyer, Fred A., Seattle
Bowers, J. W., Tacoma
Healey, William F., Vancouver


Boat Builders
Graham, C., Arcadia
Bryant, William H., Blakeley
Sanders, Charles, Blakeley
Hallett, Horace, Cathlamet
Scarborough, E., Cathlamet
Anderson, M., La Conner
Loomis, Edward, Oysterville
Soule, S. Reed, Oysterville
Hall Brothers, Port Ludlow
Hammond, William, Seattle
Twigley, S. S., Skagit
Etheridge. Cortland, Tacoma
Bedford, A. R., Union Ridge
Utter, William, Whatcom

Book Binders
[See also Printers, Book and Job.]
White, George H. Tumwater

Booksellers and Stationers
[Drugs and Medicines; Merchants General]
Burr, Andrew J., Olympia
Lowe, T. G. Co., Olympia
Maddocks, M. R., Seattle
Pumphrey Young, Seattle
Carmichael, F., Tacoma
Wall, David, Vancouver
West, Minnie Mrs., Vancouver
Kimball Day, Walla Walla
Lewis, John B., Walla Walla

Boot and Shoe Dealers
[See also Merchants General]
Treen Damon, Olympia
Vincent, Benjamin, Olympia
Fitzpatrick, John, Port Townsend
Neal, W., Seabeck
Baxter, Daniel K., Seattle
Farnham Clark, Seattle
Jones, H., Seattle
Lambert, George, Seattle
Means, Thomas Seattle
Moore, R. J. Seattle
Foor Healey, Walla Walla

Boot and Shoe Makers
Bordeau, Oliver, Colfax
Reynolds, J. D., Dwamish
Keytes, John, Goldendale
Charney, Casper, Kalama
Sorly, O., Kalama
Hawley, Enoch, Lynden
Rhover, Daniel, Maple Grove
Riordan, John, Monticello
Botel, H., New Tacoma
Cluff, A., Olequa
Holman, James, Olympia
Wood, Charles, Olympia
Bishop, William, Port Gamble
Edwards, William, Port Gamble
Lund, Andrew, Port Madison
Appleton, John, Port Madison
Forbes, T. H., Port Townsend
McAndrews, Martin, Seattle
Wenzler, John, Seattle
Wold Bros., Squak
Holman. James, Steilacoom
Powell, E., Tacoma
Crook, J. M., Vancouver
Wolf, Robert, Vancouver
Young, L. Edward, Vancouver
Fry John, Wallopa Valley

Schmieg, Canteini Co., Black River
Shurble Bros., Kalama
Frost Fowler, Mukilteo
Wood, J. C. & J. R., Olympia
Grellert, William, Port Townsend
Crichton, S., Seattle
Schmieg, Martin, Seattle
Locke, John W., Steilacoom
Rhine, Holt Stutt, Steilacoom
Shafer, Wolf, Steilacoom
McKay, George, Tacoma
Damphoffer, M., Vancouver
Young, Anton, Vancouver
Kleber Stang, Walla Walla
Seisser, George, Walla Walla
Stable, John H., Walla Walla

Brick Manufacturers
Billings Mason, Swantown
Armstrong, Lafayette, Vancouver
Hidden, L. M., Vancouver

Downing, E. M., Colfax
Wilson, Emett, Colfax
White, B. H., Crab Creek
Smith, J. L., Dayton
Burke, J. A., Kalama
Gardner, W. A., Kalama
Martin, W. H., Kalama
Bingham, J. B., New Tacoma
Brown, D. N., Olympia
Chambers, D. J. & Son, Olympia
Booth & Co., Port Townsend
Edmondson & Co., Port Townsend
Jackman, T. & Co., Port Townsend
Hauptly, J., Seabeck
Baunton, William, Seattle
Frost Borst, Seattle
Jackman, T. & Co, Seattle
Malson, A. W., Seattle
Snyder, F. V., Seattle
Bender, Frank, Steilacoom
Weller, George & Co., Steilacoom
Chambers, J. W., Tacoma
Naylor, James H., Tumwater
Burke, John, Vancouver
Stegert, C R., Vancouver
Dooley Kirkman, Walla Walla
Russell, Charles, Walla Walla
Scholl, A., Walla Walla
Taws. M. T., Whatcom

Cabinet Makers
[See also Furniture,]
Bressemann, G., Byrd's Mills
Woodard. S. D., Colfax
Richardson, Daniel, Dayton
Barker, H., Oakville
Cook, Peter, Olympia
Zeiberg, Franz, Port Townsend
Smith, Edward, Satsop
Lutes, D. T., Skamokawa
Davenport, Samuel, Tenino
Henricksen, J. J., Vancouver

Carpenters and Builders

[Furniture; also Merchants General.]
Horr. J. C. Olympia

Carriage and Wagon Makers
[See also Blacksmiths.]
Anderson, P., Centerville
Morse, G. W., Coveland
Willey, N., Crab Creek
Torrance, H. J., Dayton
Cavanaugh, M. T., Dwamish
Granger, John, Elhi
Kinsley, John R., Fort Colville
Law, J. W., Franklin
Oldham, William, Goldendale
Booth, Henry, Little Falls
Cantwell, James C., Little Falls
Bernier, Marcel, Napavine
Rhoades, S., Newaukum
Cory. N. P., Olympia
Schafer, Dianas, Satsop
Smith, A. J., Satsop
Hunt Campbell, Seattle
Orr, Nathaniel H., Steilacoom
Campbell, A. C, Tacoma
Callow, E., Tumwater
Powers & Brooks, Vancouver
Moorehouse, J. C, Waitsburg

Carriage and Wagon
Caris, M, A. Walla Walla

Cement, Lime, &c.
McLachlan Caines, Olympia
Bailey Co., San Juan

Cider and Vinegar Manufacturers

Cigars and Tobacco
[Liquors; also Merchants General.]
Burr, Andrew J., Olympia
Smith, Samuel H., Olympia
Fowler, Enoch S. & Co., Port Townsend
Bean, J. R., Seattle
Pinkham, A. S., Seattle
Robinson, William, Seattle
Carmichael, F., Tacoma
Whitebread, John, Vancouver
Davis, Charles, Walla Walla
Garrecht & Hoffman, Walla Walla


[See also Merchants General.]
Farnham & Clark, Seattle
Mundt, Adolph, Seattle
Kohn, Joseph, Vancouver

Ronton Coal Co., Seattle
Seattle Coal and Transportation Co., Seattle
Talbot Coal Co., Seattle
Bellingham Bay Coal Co., Sehome

Colleges and Academies
Reese, Lora Miss, (Academy) Dayton
University of Washington Territory,
Rev. George F. Whitworth., Seattle
Holy Angels' College, Rev. Louis D. Q. Schram, Vancouver
Young Ladies' Academy, Vancouver
Whitman Seminary, Walla Walla

Commission Merchants
[Forwarding and Commission.]

[See also Bakers.]
Sylvester, E., Olympia
Pagden, Charles, Seattle
Piper, A. W., Seattle
Stevens, William C., Vancouver

Contractors and Builders
[See also Carpenters and Builders.]
Dexter, A. J., Dayton
Moody, William A., Dayton
Jacobs Sayer, Goldendale
Edwards, J. J., Now Tacoma
Smith, S. R., New Tacoma
Rice, L., Port Discovery
Forbes, P. D., Tacoma

Bell, Isaac E., Brookfield
Scarborough, E., Cathlamet
Crooks, J. T., Kalama
Forbel, Andrew, Kalama
Watkins, George, Kalama
Myers, J. L., Oakville
Solomons, William, Pleasant Grove
Coulter, T., Seattle
Sidey, George, Seattle
Brookes, C., Skamokawa
Durham, E. B., Skamokawa
Harrington, H., Steilacoom
Jordan, D. M., Whatcom

Crockery and Glassware
[See also Merchants General.]
Mundt, Adolph Seattle

Striker, _____, Dayton
Dickinson, S. N., Olympia
Woodard, A. B., Olympia
Freeland, B. R., Seattle
Grasse, J. C., Seattle
Maggs, J. S., Seattle
Clowe. William B., Walla Walla
Herzog, Charles, Walla Walla
Lock, _____, Walla Walla

Doors, Sash, and Blinds
[See also Mills, Planing.]
Hoar, Thomas, Dayton
Kimball & Stevens, Dayton
Wright, W. F., New Tacoma
Cooper, S. N., Olympia
Cooper, S. N., Tumwater

Dress Makers
Sands, C. A. Mrs. Olympia
Blackman. E. J. & D. A., Seattle
Van Buren Kelly, Mrs., Seattle
Kelly, J. M. Mrs., Vancouver
O'Rourk, Miss, Walla Walla
Fouts, Martha Mrs., Whatcom

Drugs and Medicines
[See also Merchants General]
Smith & King, Colfax
Day, J. H., Dayton
Whitehouse, L. H., Kalama
Mann, C. B., Olympia
Neate, W. J. C., Olympia
Turner, G. G., Olympia
Hill, N. D., Port Townsend
Kelley, Matthew A., Seattle
Maddocks, M. R., Seattle
Morrill, J. F. & Co., Seattle
Latham, John & Co., Steilacoom
Whipple, A. J. & Co., Tacoma
Ostrander, Nathaniel, Tumwater
Wall, David, Vancouver
Brown, J. A., Waitsburg
Day, J. N., Walla Walla
Mead Cook, Walla Walla
McAustin, _____, Yakima City

Dry Goods
[See also Merchants General.]
Isaacs, Jacob, Kalama

Express Agents
Guernsey, D. C. & Co. (W. F. & Co.), Dayton
Blumauer Froman (W. F. & Co.), Olympia
Harris, G. W. (W., F. & Co.), Port Ludlow
Waterman Katz (W. F. Co) Port Townsend
Coombs, S. F. (W. F. & Co.), Seattle
Latham, John (Jo. (W. F. & Co.), Steilacoom
Walker, J. S. (W. F. & Co.), Tacoma
Smith, W. N. (W. F. & Co.), Waitsburg
Henderson, J. A, (W., F. & Co.), Walla Walla

Fancy Goods
[See also Merchants General; also Varieties.]
Barthrop, George Port Townsend

Flour Dealers
[See also Merchants General; also Mills - Flour.]
Hoadley, J. C. Columbus

Forwarding Merchants
[Forwarding and Commission.]

Wilson & Son, Seattle
Alberton & Sexton, Walla Walla

Fur Dealers
[See also Merchants General.]
Ernist, J., Crab Creek
Means, Thomas, Seattle
Cowley & Ford, Spokane

Furnishing Goods- Gents
[See also Merchants General; also Tailors]
Mundt, A., Seattle
Kohn, Joseph, Vancouver

Furniture and Bedding
[See also Cabinet Makers.]
Jordan, William, Ellensburgh
Carson, John, Franklin
Weasner, J., Franklin
Weasner, J. R., Glendale
Spear, W. R., New Tacoma
Horr, J. C., Olympia
Hall & Graves, Seattle
Holmes & Glore, Seattle
Pressey, E. B., Tumwater
Merwin, H. D., Yakima City

Gas Works
Seattle Gas Co., Seattle

Groceries and Provisions
[See also Merchants General.]
Meeker, E., Franklin
Oliver. A. J., New Tacoma
Morgan, H. D., Olympia
Parker, R. A., Olympia
Stark, Samuel, Olympia
Eisenbeis, Charles, Port Townsend
Fowler, Enoch S. & Co., Port Townsend
Nelson, Peter, Rockland
Malson, A. W., Seattle
Mundt, Adolph, Seattle
Reinig, Leonard, Seattle
Light, E. A., Steilacoom
Ackerson, William, Tacoma
Ward, Samuel G., Tumwater
Crawford, James, Vancouver
Sohns & Schuele, Vancouver
Brechtel, O., Walla Walla
Thompson Thomas Lewis Co, Centerville
Wauch, George Lewis Co, Centerville
Willey, Walter E., Oakland
Jupiter, J., Oakville
Sabin, Henry, Olympia
Bridges, Joseph, Orcas Island
Friedrich, August, Seattle
Thompson, Thomas, Seattle
Greene, S. A., Stoughton

Lyon, M., Dayton
O'Brien, John, Kalama
Snider, J. W., Olympia
Toellner, Charles, Olympia
Bahl, M. M., Pleasant Grove
Delaitong, Baptiste, Port Townsend
Korter, J. Port, Townsend
Fox, A., Seattle
Rey, Samuel, Seattle
Gardner, F. H., Steilacoom
Levin, David, Tacoma
Webber, G. H., Vancouver

[See also Merchants General.]
Rowley Bunnell, Dayton
Pinkham, A. S., Seattle
Tuite, Daniel, Tacoma
Whitebread, John, Vancouver
Vincent & Bench, Waitsburg
Fitzgerald, E. P., Walla Walla
O'Donnell, William, Walla Walla

Harness and Saddlery
[See also Merchants General.]
Parr, J., Colfax
Hendershott, William, Dayton
Muck, Robert, Olympia
Miller, A. B., Satsop
Mitchell, Charles L., Seattle
Eastman, Isaac B., Tumwater
Dupuis, John, Vancouver
Maxon, S. D., Vancouver
Kellicutt, George, Waitsburg
Quinn, Thomas, Walla Walla
Wheelan, James, Walla Walla
McEwing, ____, Yakima City


Insurance Agents
Crosby Lome, Olympia
Lowe, T. & Co., Olympia
Macleay, T. & Co., Olympia
Munson, J. H., Olympia
Page, W. W., Olympia
Parker, J. G. Jr., Olympia
Coombs, Samuel F., Seattle
MeNaught A Leary, Seattle
Perkins. O. C., Seattle
Wheeler. D. T., Seattle
McDonald, S. P., Vancouver
Jones, M. F., Walla Walla

Iron and Steel
[See Hardware; also Merchants General.]

[See also Watches and Jewelry.]
Guyzot, J., Olympia
Talcott, C. R., Olympia
Lange, William Q., Port Townsend
Miller, _____, Port Townsend
Jamieson, John L., Seattle
Jamieson, W. T., Seattle
Nacher, Charles, Seattle
Deer, John, Vancouver
Savage, George, Walla Walla

[See also Merchants General.]

Livery Stables
[See Stables - Livery.]

Lumber Dealers
[See also Mills - Saw]
Wilson, O. F., Almoti
Cogswell, Ira, New Tacoma
Abernethy, Alex S., Oak Point
Light, E. A., Steilacoom
Swan, John & Co., Steilacoom


[See also Foundries.]
Martin, H., Crab Creek
Goff. L. M., Ilwaco
Ansley, David, Little Falls
King, William, New Dungeness
Willey, E. L., Oakland
Powers, J., Port Discovery
Parker, Isaac, Seattle
Seattle File and Tool Works, Seattle
Seymour, Charles, Tumwater
Sherwood, S. F., Walker's Prairie

Merchants - Forwarding and Commission
[See also Merchants General.]
McGrath, John H., New Tacoma
Tibbals, H. L., Port Townsend
Waterman & Katz, Port Townsend
Reed, Charles L., Tenino
Whitman, E. B., Walla Walla
Pagett, C. C., Winlock

Merchants General
[An assortment of Clothing, Dry Goods, Groceries, Hardware, Provisions]

Moses, S. J. Mrs., Olympia
Blackman, E. J. D. A., Seattle
Crawford, H. S., Seattle
Graves, R. C. Mrs., Seattle
Middleton, Anna R. Mrs., Vancouver
O'Rourk, Miss, Walla Walla
Metcalf, M. E. Mrs., Yelm

Mills - Flour
Location,  Flour Mills in the Territory.]
Pincus & Packscher, Byrd's Mills
Davenport, J. C., Colfax
Buzby, J. W., Coveland
Long & Co., Dayton
Wait & Metzger, Dayton
Canady & Bess, Ellensburgh
Canidy & Brother, Kittitas
Chambers, Thomas M., Steilacoom
Crosby, William F., Tumwater
Ward & Mitchell, Tumwater
Preston Bros., Waitsburg
McCalley, A., Walla Walla
Giery, S. & Co., Willopa Valley
Barker Bros., Yakima City

Mills - Planing
Vawter & Robnett, Waitsburg
Alberton & Sexton, Walla Walla
Dovell, Butler & Co., Walla Walla
Glasford, William, Walla Walla

[Name, Mills in the Location, Saw Mills]
Ronton, Holmes & Co., Blakeley
Whitney, Nelson, Block House
Stillman, J., Boisfort
Estabrook, Al., Cascades
Imans, F. G., Cascades
Beach, Jones & Co., Colfax
Burns, J. A. (shingle), Dayton
Critchfield, Strom, Dayton
Eckler, George, Dayton
Hadley & Co., Dayton
Moore, Chapman & Co., Dayton
Watros, Levi & Son, Dayton
Damman, J. D., Ellensburgh
Douglass, R. H., Fort Colville
Williamson, John H., Kings Co., Freeport
Miller & Golden, Goldendale
Oregon Trading Co., Knappton
Palmer, J. C., Maple Grove
Huntington & Smith, Monticello
Jones & Novil, Napavine
Miller. A. J., Olympia
Ward & Mitchell, Olympia
Mastick, S. L. & Co., Port Discovery
Puget Sound Mill Co., Port Gamble
Port Ludlow Mill Co., Port Ludlow
Meigs, G. A., Port Madison
Bush, A. K., Renton Mines
Wood, J. Co., Ronton Mines
Adams & Taylor, Seabeck
Column, J. M., Seattle
Yesler, Henry L., Seattle
Matheny, Glover & Yeaton, Spokane Falls
Hanson, Ackerson & Co., Tacoma
Kendall, F. B., Tumwater
Ward & Mitchell, Tumwater
Vowter & Robnett, Waitsburg
Bush & Whoaton, Willopa Valley

Mills - Woollen
Dayton Woollen Manufacturing Co., Dayton

Musical Instruments
Lowe, T. G. Co., Olympia
Jamieson, W. T., Seattle
Pumphrey & Young, Seattle
Kimball & Day, Walla Walla

News Agents
[See Booksellers; also Stationers; also Varieties.]

[Newspapers in the Territory.
Dayton News, Dayton
Kalama Beacon, Kalama
Echo, Olympia
Olympia Transcript, Olympia
Puget Sound Courier, Olympia
Washington Standard, Olympia
Argus, Port Townsend
Intelligencer, Seattle
Pacific Tribune, Seattle
Puget Sound Dispatch, Seattle
Puget Sound Express, Steilacoom
Vancouver Register, Vancouver
Real Estate Record, Walla Walla
Spirit of the West, Walla Walla
Walla Walla Statesman, Walla Walla
Walla Walla Union, Walla Walla
Bellingham Bay Mail, Whatcom

Durgin. L. D., Olympia
Lynch Brothers, Seattle
Brown, S. W., Vancouver
Hayden, Gay, Vancouver

Painters - House and Sign
Stockton, Charles, Kalama
Cook, Jonn L., Olympia
Hewett, Randall H., Olympia
Barthrop, George, Port Townsend
Bowers, Frank, Port Townsend
Boardman, G. W., Seattle
Calvert, E., Seattle
Pike & Shoudy, Seattle
Stingham, Thomas H., Seattle
Tarleton, John, Vancouver
Olds, A. A., Waitsburg
Wardle, N. G. P., Walla Walla

Paints, Oils, and Glass
[Drugs and Medicines; also Merchants General.]
Hill, N. D., Port Townsend
Day, J. N., Walla Walla

Hastings, O. C., Port Townsend
Hoyt, Hiram, Seattle
Moore, George, Seattle
Montgomery, ____, Walla Walla


Printers, Book and Job
[See also Newspapers.]
Money, M. H. M. L., Kalama
HEWITT, R. H., Olympia
Brant, Joseph, Vancouver

Morgan, H. D., Olympia
Learned, William H. H., Port Townsend
Dodge, E. F., Seattle
Knipe, Robert, Seattle
Morrill & Morris, Seattle
Webster & Knipe, Seattle
Ward, Samuel G., Tumwater

Pump Makers
[See also Foundries; also Machinists.]
Callow, E., Tumwater

Real Estate
Ferry, C. P., New Tacoma
Hibbard, George B., New Tacoma
Tacoma Land Co., New Tacoma
Owens & Whitman, Owensburgh
Burns, John E., Port Townsend
Phillips, Thomas, Port Townsend
Andrews, L. B., Seattle
Denny, D. T., Seattle
Mackintosh, A., Seattle
Mackintosh, Angus, Seattle
McNaught & Leary, Seattle
McDonald, S. P., Vancouver

Dickey, W. H., Kalama
Greer, William, Kalama
Van Wie, V. W., New Tacoma
Grimwell, Dock, Olympia
Morrill. Benjamin, Olympia
Ross, William, Port Townsend
Gard, Theophile, Seattle
Hughes & Henness, Seattle
Jensen, William, Seattle

Sewing Machine Agents
Barkhausen, H. C., Fidalgo
Talcott, C. R., Olympia
Blackman, E, J. & D.A., Seattle
Guyl, _____ Mrs., Seattle
Palmer, Isaac A., Seattle
Van Buren, W. D., Seattle
Borthwick, A. E., Walla Walla
Parker, H., Walla Walla
Ronan Brothers, Walla Walla
Schumacher, C., Walla Walla

Ship Chandlery
Fowler, Enoch S. Co. Port Townsend

Stables - Livery
King, C. B., Colfax
Sturderavint, D. M., Dayton
Cogswell, Ira, New Tacoma
Howell & Granger, Olympia
Tilley, M. R., Olympia
Newton, William, Port Townsend
Abrams, R., Seattle
Bow, W. H., Seattle
Jackson, T. J., Seattle
Guess, Mason T., Steilacoom
Lyle & Shields, Steilacoom
Hanna & Ralston, Tacoma
Naylor, James H., Tumwater
Brant, George W., Vancouver
Smith, J. O., Vancouver
Hart. F. G., Waitsburg
Ruckles, George L., Walla Walla
Linn, E. A., Wallula

Stoves and Tinware.
[See also Merchants General.]
Rowley & Bunnell, Dayton
Hoffman & Tuite, Olympia
Norris, John T., Port Townsend
Sheehan, J. F., Port Townsend
Andrews, S. P., Seattle
Waddell & Miles, Seattle
Gallagher, Jane Mrs., Steilacoom
Tuite, Daniel, Tacoma
Whitney, C. H., Co. Vancouver
O'Donnell, William, Walla Walla
Healy, John D., Whatcom

Brazee, J. W., Cascades
Cook, George A., Franklin
Winston, T. R., Napavine
Eastwick, Philip G., New Tacoma
Henry, D. S. B., Olympia
Burns, John E., Port Townsend
Hall, William B., Seattle
Bayley, T. F., Tacoma
Moorehouse, T. L., Walla Walla

Dustain, James, Dayton
Woods, J. W., Kalama
McLean, Anthony, Olympia
Peterson, John T. P., Port Townsend
Kaufman, D., Seattle
Kenney, Samuel, Seattle
Levy, Jacob, Seattle
Norwold, H. E., Seattle
Welch, John, Seattle
Collins, Daniel, Steilacoom
Polestheki, A., Steilacoom
Holahan, Michael, Vancouver
Vetter, F., Walla Walla

Davis, M. H., Seattle
Johnson, E. C., Steilacoom
Biles, J. B. Co., Tumwater
Weber, Frank, Walla Walla

Meacham, John, Olympia
Hall & Graves, Seattle
Holmes & Glore, Seattle
Henricksen, J. J., Vancouver
Picket, John, Walla Walla

Wolff, A., Seattle
Everts & Abel, Walla Walla

[See also Merchants General.]
Vallard, M., Chehalis
Phelps, ____, Dayton
Ramas, E., Port Discovery
Bean, J. R., Seattle
Freeman, Thomas P., Seattle
Sullivan, John, Seattle
Walters, August, Tacoma
Davis, Charles, Walla Walla

Vinegar Manufacturer
Anderson, John S., Seattle

Wagon Material
Severict & Carter, Maple Grove

Watches and Jewelry
[See also Jewelers.]
Guyot, J Olympia
Talcott, C. R., Olympia
Lange, William G., Port Townsend
Miller, ____, Port Townsend
Jamieson, John L., Seattle
Jamieson, W. T., Seattle
Naeher, Charles, Seattle
Deer, John, Vancouver
Savage, George, Walla Walla

Water Works
Seattle Water Works, Seattle
Tacoma Water Co., Tacoma

Wood Dealers
Smith & Willard, Kalama
Gale, J. A., Olympia

Pacific Coast Business Directory | Washington Territory Index

Source: Pacific Coast Business Directory for 1876-78, Compiled by Henry G. Langley, San Francisco, 1875.


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