Pacific States Newspaper Directory, 1894


In issuing the sixth edition of the Pacific States Newspaper Directory, it is the purpose of the publishers, as in former editions, to make the advertising public, all over the land, better acquainted with the publications of the Pacific Coast, and in addition thereto, to embrace Colorado, Texas and the States of the Missouri Valley, in furnishing such information concerning the progress and prosperity of the States and Territories herein mentioned, as shall enable everyone interested to understand the importance and value of those sections as a profitable field for advertisers. Thus they hope to bring to the papers published in the territory represented a larger proportion of advertising patronage than they have heretofore received, and to which, it is believed, they are justly entitled.


In preparing our tables of circulation, etc., we have asked every publisher to help us to make the work correct and valuable as possible by giving us reliable information concerning his publications. If errors should still be found in the book, we ask that those observing them will make a note of it, and favor us with the corrections, which will be made in the next edition.
Pacific States Advertising Bureau

Arranged alphabetically by towns, and also by counties, with a brief description of each state, territory and county (not all states have the county description). Making an invaluable guide to those who wish to place advertising to the best possible advantage.

Source: Pacific States Newspaper Directory, Sixth Edition, Palmer & Rey Type Foundry, San Francisco, 1894

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